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The 8 Most Important Things You Should Put in a Fireproof Safe

It’s wondrous how in the current world where everything important is often stored virtually in the cloud, fireproof safes still hold a substantial amount of value to consumers. Undeniably, these appliances offer enticing benefits thus making them great assets to have around your home or office. If you still store important things in your car, drawers, or wallets, you need to change your strategy—fast! Fireproof safes ensure all your valuable belongings are safe from fires, burglaries, and so on.

You might be planning on making one of these important devices your next home addition. If so, here are some of the best fireproof safes for the home. On the flip side, you might have purchased a high-quality fireproof safe but you have no idea what you can store in the device. Don’t fret, I’ll comprehensively guide you by thoroughly explaining several important items you can safely keep in a fireproof safe. Let’s dive in.

Battle of the safes: Fireproof safe vs. Bank safe deposit box

Fireproof safe vs. Bank safe deposit box

Well, both of these methods ensure safety for items that hold a significant amount of value to you. However, we’d advise you to opt for the fireproof safe. First, in case of a sudden catastrophe. For instance, if a member of the family unfortunately perishes, your family can access the will as soon as possible. Unlike using banks that require a relatively lengthy process, fireproof safes can be used instantly.

Another benefit is, fireproof safes are capable of safeguarding your items from burglary, fire, and so on but safe deposit boxes aren’t necessarily safe. In a year, hundreds of clients make reports about stolen items from their safe deposit boxes. Lastly, sometimes we need various documents or items momentarily and waiting can be quite overwhelming especially now when there’s a virus wandering around; standing in a long queue is enough to get us paranoid. Overall, fireproof safes are the most suitable option.

What you need to store in your fireproof safe

If you’re anticipating prioritizing a home or office safe from burglaries or fires, here are some tips. This time we’ll be digging deeper into one of the steps, which is; essential items to store in your new fireproof safe to ensure your assets are safeguarded. Let’s explore…

Insurance information

You need to store your insurance documents safely in case of unfortunate events such as hurricanes, fires, tornados, etc. This way, whenever a disaster occurs, you’ll be certain that your insurance company will cover all the damages caused. Legal experts highly suggest that homeowners and business owners need to keep recent insurance policies and the contacts of the insurers because as soon as disaster strikes, these documents are an important requirement.

Birth certificate

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned from personal experience is that a birth certificate is essential. You’ll need this document for everything. If you need to enroll in school; get a driver’s license; obtain a marriage certificate; get an ID and so on, you’ll need a birth certificate. Furthermore, as a parent, you have to store your child’s birth certificate safely because when it’s the right time to enroll them in school, without a birth certificate, the school will probably decline admission.

Bank and financial information

If you prefer storing your bank and financial information at home then you need to keep these documents in a safe place; a fireproof safe is the best place you can store such salient documents. This way, whenever a disaster occurs, you’ll be able to access your documents as soon as possible. Keep in mind, whenever a catastrophic event happens, you’ll need to withdraw funds immediately; this is why storing your bank and financial information in a safe space is important.
Bank and financial information

Medical documents

Medical problems are always unpredictable, it’s safer to store medical documents somewhere that’s easily accessible. This way, in case of an emergency you’ll be covered! These documents include; copies and forms of your insurance cards and medical insurance documents. You’ll also need documentation of the medications you use, a list of your doctors, and a list of the pharmacies you buy medicine from. Lastly, you can keep the original insurance card in your wallet but the copies and forms need to be safely enclosed in a fireproof safe.

Data and Hard drives

We live in a digital age, you can store the most important information on your hard drive. Whether it’s discrete business information or family photos that you want to store for a long time so that the generations that are yet to come can see their family tree. Whatever you need to store in the hard drive will be more than safe in a fireproof safe. If you value certain information or photos stored in your hard drive, place the drive in a safe space to avoid losing any data.


Many legal experts are advising their clients to opt for storing copies of wills in fireproof safes. It’s important having these documents accessible to you. Well, when it comes to wills, you need to safely store them in three different places. The two copies of the wills should be kept in a fireproof safe, however, the original will needs to be kept in the law office’s safe. Wills are a critical topic and they should be handled with complete care and discretion.


If you’re not traveling soon, it’s important to store your passport in a safe place. If you lose your passport when it’s time to travel, how can you travel without it? It’s very simple. Furthermore, keep in mind, your passport can substitute for your ID in case you lose your purse or wallet.

Property deed

These documents prove your ownership of properties. If you’re looking forward to refinancing or selling your house then you’ll need these documents. The best place to store your property deed and the car title is a fireproof safe. If you’re also planning on transferring the title, you’ll need these documents. That’s why it’s important to store them in a safe place.


The only way to benefit from using a fireproof safe is by knowing exactly what to store there. I hope that our suggestions will assist you in determining the items you need to add in your fireproof safe.

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