Log Siding Products that Save Money and Last Longer

Are you looking for an exterior design that will give your house a pleasant and appealing look? Great! However, other than the giving your exterior an awesome look, there are various factors that you need to consider before settling on the type of siding you desire for your cabin. Log siding is the latest fashion, and they have different styles to choose from. As you go for the cost-effective product that will save your money, remember consider its durability as well. The following are the various materials that can give your apartment a log-siding look;

Wood log siding

Wood log siding

The two main types of wood that you can use for siding are;

  • Pine- is the traditional wood that will give your home a real log siding finishing. It is useful for both indoors and outdoors of your house and is also customizable to match with its surroundings. You can install full log siding using pine wood which makes the installation easier hence saving the construction cost.
  • Cedar- on the other hand, is easy to work with. Though it’s upfront cost may be slightly higher than that of other materials such as steel or vinyl, its maintenance costs are relatively low. It gives your external side a stunning look. You can install cedar log siding on the existing wall. Therefore, lowering the value of your renovation. Cedar wall is durable and termite resistance hence no need of staining it to keep the insects away. Wood log sidings are locally available.

Steel log siding

Steel log siding
Steel is another material among other log siding options that you can use to give your house that log-siding appearance. You can pick the color that you desire if you choose this type of wall. Also, it’s not affected by the climate. Hence its maintenance cost is low.

Concrete log siding

Concrete log siding
Concrete log siding saves your installation money as it covers more wall area, therefore uses less fixing materials such as fasteners and also take less time. You do not need to maintain concrete, nor to seal or to re-stain it. So you don’t have to spend more money after the construction.

Vinyl log siding

Vinyl log siding
Using vinyl log siding is another option to give your cabin a wood-log finishing appearance. Vinyl is cheap as compared to wood, steel, and concrete materials but you’ll have to maintain it often to keep its durability.

The above are some of the products that you can use to furnish the exterior wall of your house. Some will cost you much in the upfront and save your money in the long run as they will require less or no maintenance.

While others may be cheap to buy but you will keep on maintaining them and therefore adding up to the same or more cost. Based on the climate of your area, the durability and the styles that are available of each product, you can choose the best siding product material. However, if you find yourself having a hard time to decide, why don’t you go for the wood log siding as other materials are customized to resemble it, that means you’ll be having an original wall.

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