Beautiful Loft Interior Design House Of Annabel Gueret

Visit Annabel Guérets’ Loft Interior House

I am crazy in love with this magnificent Annabel Garrets’ loft interior design house in Nantes. You have surely seen it many times on the blogosphere but I couldn’t miss a visit to this wonder. In addition, some time ago already Annabel said on her Instagram that her loft was for sale! Ah if I won the lottery!

This former tannery was metamorphose by its new owners in a beautiful loft of 300 m2. Lots of white and the wood which are for me the winning combo. I like the idea of mixing beautiful contemporary design with vintage recovered or unearthed parts. We guess a Scandinavian influence but with retro touches well calculated so as to have an indescribable harmony in this mix of influences.

The room I prefer is the kitchen. It has long been on my board to rethink my own, until I came to the conclusion that no, it was not possible to produce a work plan and a polished concrete floor with wooden furniture in a rental apartment.

Ah and for those who don’t know we find in the basement an indoor swimming pool, the must of the must, no?

Loft Living Room Decoration Ideas

Loft Living Space

Loft Livingroom velvet sofa

side sitting on cowhide, pallet as a coffee table, rattan chair, velvet sofa, rocking chair

window seat designs living rooms

Wooden Floor Bedroom With Open Bathroom

loft design bedroom with open bathroom

Open Bathroom in loft Bedroom

White Tiles subway style Bathroom Wall

Interior Designer House Of Annabel Gueret

Dark Wall Colors Wood Furniture

table decorations with flowers and painting

charming loft kitchen design

cast iron decorative radiators


kitchen countertop ideas

loft kitchen design ideas


Small earthenware bowls Fried, vintage boards and Ferm Living

Dining Room Loft Design

vintage wood dining room table

Dining Room Picture from top

Dining Room Loft Interior Design

interior designer annabel gueret and jerome family

bricks wall

Wall Decoration Ideas With Paper

White Wall Decoration and lighting accessory

Vintage Sofa Living Room Wood Stove

Small Space Wood Storage Near Stair

annabel gueret

loft design indoor swimming pool

Kids Room Wall decals With Dark Wallpaper

Annabel Gueret Loft Home Entrance

I hope you liked the visit and it would have convinced you to mix styles.

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