Lifestyle With New Technologies to Improve Sleep

We don’t know about you, but beauty insiders have already tried to sleep with sleep tracker bracelets, wake up with “smart” light alarms and have fun using special applications to improve sleep. And this is not surprising – in the last couple of years, there has been a boom in the sleep industry. New technologies have come to the bedroom and are not going to leave it yet – not only bracelets but also “digital” mattresses and pillows, light masks and glasses, relaxation gadgets, and other devices that promise to make you sleep better.

All these gadgets and applications have not yet been fully developed to recommend to anyone who has problems with sleep and health during sleeping. But it has already been proven that the use of smart bed frames like  is guaranteed to make you feel the difference and make sure that sleep can be healthy.

What is the cause of our sleep problems?

Over the past hundred years, according to statistics, people began to sleep an average of 2 hours less. According to sleep experts, there are several popular causes:

  • the appearance of artificial light in our life. Yes, yes, light bulbs in our chandelier.
  • the emergence of additional light sources – from computers, gadgets. This results in “light pollution”.
  • high levels of stress in modern life.
  • an abundance of nightly activities.

What causes sleep problems?

Not only is it bad that you do not get enough sleep and then feel overwhelmed all day. Scientific studies show that sleep disturbances weaken the body as a whole – immunity, endocrine, and cardiac systems.

Elon Musk and other billionaires once called for less sleep and more work. Now many have changed their minds and acknowledged that lack of sleep leads to stress. If you have depleted your energy supply, then it becomes more difficult to make the right choice during the day. If you break your sleep, you may get a couple of extra hours, but this productivity may be an illusion. 

You need to sleep, for at least 7-8 hours to feel full of power the whole day. Moreover, it’s important to take the right position for your head, back, and legs during your night sleep. This will be discussed further. 

Technologies 1

Special Beds, pillows, and blankets

It turns out that even a bed can improve the quality of sleep. But not simple, but, of course, “smart”. As well as mattresses, pillows, and blankets with special properties.

There are pillows that adjust to the position of the head and have a cooling effect. This is no accident – overheating really interferes with normal sleep, so you should make sure that sheets, blankets, and pajamas breathe well and remove moisture.

The creators of the weighted blanket believe that due to its weight (and the distribution of pressure), it has a calming effect and helps to reduce anxiety, which means that you sleep better under it.

Currently, you can find out a diversity of intelligent bed frame models that can be also used to help people sleep better and improve their health. These adjustable bed frames bring the users many tangible benefits such as:

  • Blood flow improvement; 
  • Considerable neck and back relief;
  • Several levels of comfort you can set yourself;
  • Boosting your general sleep quality;
  • Minimized snoring;
  • Back and leg massage option.

The advantages are visible for every person individually and these special bed frames really work making people healthier and with the feeling of power for the next day’s activities. Choose the model you like with the necessary features to see the difference and create contemporary ergonomic sleep conditions in your bedroom.

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