6 Tips For A Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeover


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Every bedroom should evoke a sense of peace and comfort. No matter where you are or how extreme the temperatures are outdoors, your bedroom must be a haven that provides you with a place to unwind. But after a couple of months or years living in the same area, a room can look outdated or worse, not appear as relaxing as before. So, what do you do? You give your bedroom a makeover, of course.  

Modifying the appearance of your bedroom sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make several significant changes even on a tight budget. Here’s how to do it:

Replace The Sheets And Covers

It’s a must to regularly switch out your bed sheets and pillowcases to avoid dirt buildup and to wash away dust mites making a home there. But if you cycle through the same few sets of linen every so often, it will get a little boring. Fortunately, you can find many sheets, blankets, and a bedroom decor at affordable prices that still look like they should be in a five-star hotel.  

Choose colors and patterns you don’t usually use when looking for new sheets and covers. They’ll offer your eyes a fresh perspective and make your room feel different yet the same as usual. You can add inner covers to your pillows to turn them into extra plump and fluffy hotel cushions. And it won’t even burn your wallet.

Change The Room’s Colors

Applying a new coat of paint works wonders for a room losing its spark. Painting a room is the cheapest method to alter its appearance. And so, if your eyes are tired of how your bedroom looks and unsure what’s causing it, try changing the palette.  

Most bedrooms are white by default, so this allows you to decorate the walls as you wish. But white and other neutral hues, especially if there’s only one color, can eventually become dull. Hence, choose a new palette for your bedroom with at least two new colors you like.  

Among the hundreds of color combinations, you can encounter, these pairs are considered the easiest on the eyes:  

  • Brown and cream 
  • Muted green and light brown 
  • Beige and burgundy 
  • Shades of gray 

If you’re only renting out a space and your landlord has strict rules on painting and remodeling, you can still stick with white and another neutral color. Try indigo or lavender as a partner, or skip the white paint and opt for off-white instead. Fresh paint and new colors will turn your bedroom into another world.

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Rearrange Everything

If you have a minimal budget for a room makeover, you don’t even need to spend. However, you may need to spend energy to move some pieces around. Having no funds for new furniture shouldn’t stop you from changing how your bedroom looks. Rearranging your stuff is a remarkably effective method, too. And you don’t have to do it alone. Ask for helping hands from friends and family if you want. 

Firstly, move your bed to another spot, like the window, to see the sunrise first thing in the morning. Next, put the dressers and bedside tables somewhere else in the room. Try rearranging all the little pieces, such as the lamps, plants, and framed photos on the wall, for a fresher appearance. You’ll end up with a slightly different-looking bedroom, even if you didn’t spend a coin on any changes.

Start Decluttering

Some people tend to hoard things, and if you’re one of them, your bedroom might look like a storage room with all the extra junk. It isn’t easy to part with particular items, especially if they hold sentimental value, but decluttering is one of the best methods to give your room a proper makeover. 

For starters, look for items in your bedroom that you rarely or no longer use. It could be a slightly broken lamp or a dilapidated chair that has been idle for many years. Set the pieces aside and separate them based on their condition, from pretty okay to old and worn-down. You can sell the stuff still in good condition, while you can send the rest to the scrap heap or repurpose them into something else.  

Thus, you’ll be left with a cleaner, more spacious bedroom, and extra cash if you’ve sold some pieces.   

Update The Lighting

Light plays a huge part in a room’s overall appearance. White light, in particular, is the best choice since it amplifies the colors in the bedroom. You can find many affordable options in hardware or furniture stores. Try looking for a primary light source with a color-changing or dimming feature so you can have white light when you need it and soft yellow or dim light when it’s time for bed.  

Follow the directions when installing your light fixtures or hire an electrician to help you. Avoiding mistakes and damage lets you save more money.

Purchase Pre-loved Furniture

You can update your bedroom by adding new pieces if you have a considerable budget. Physical and online thrift stores are the go-to places for people looking for cheap yet good-quality items. Try buying things you wouldn’t usually get at other retail shops, like wooden furniture or vintage décor. Make sure you inspect every item before purchasing, so you won’t end up with something that’ll wear out after a few months.  


Giving your bedroom an overhaul doesn’t require you to spend thousands. Sometimes, changing the colors, rearranging a few pieces, or tossing out stuff you don’t need can drastically alter a room’s appearance for the better.

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