The Impact of Video Content on Property Sales



If a customer is not an interior designer or architect, it might be difficult to visualize a building without 3D visualization, with only the apartment’s layout plan and numbers. It is not always sufficient for potential clients to have diagrams or images of a building. The solution to the problem and the most popular trend in 2022 is a shift to video content. During the pandemic, numerous companies have already used this technology.

What Role Does Video Content Play in Property Sales?

A buyer can inspect all of the elements of a building while watching the video of a selling apartment. You can record a virtual tour of an apartment or a house. A buyer could be able to look at the furniture, plumbing, the view from the window, and the local area. The video presentation of the flat is a tour that does not require an individual’s presence and might be an ideal solution for people fearing the COVID-19 disease. According to Statista, the coronavirus significantly impacted the international real estate business. Furthermore, video allows a client to decide whether or not to examine an apartment in person. If a buyer is interested in a house or an apartment, they can book an appointment to see it in person.

Video Shooting Preparation

You should find a good camera to film with. You can even use your phone camera if you don’t have professional equipment. 

Before filming a video presentation it is essential to do general cleaning. Moreover, you should hide all personal stuff, cables, religious items, and household chemicals. It’s also important to free up space. Make your apartment or house more fashionable by adding some décor elements.

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Tips for Creating a Good Video Footage

If you are going to shoot a video on professional equipment it’s better to test it. For good footage, use a stabilizer or tripod, as well as a reflector. Experts also advise choosing the right time for shooting. Thus, the video should be taken in the early morning or after sunset in order to ensure a good quality of the recording. Furthermore, if you want to share a video on social media, you need to film a horizontal video. You should also plan what rooms you will be filming. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to film from multiple angles and avoid accidental shootings of your reflection in the mirrors.

The interior should be filmed without rapid movements. Don’t run, and don’t jolt your camera. Remember that the outcome should be well-filmed. 

Shooting the Local Area

Many companies shoot not only inside a building but also a building’s local area and the building’s exterior facade. Drones are becoming increasingly popular due to their high video quality and ease of usage. According to Forbes, drones perform various tasks. Furthermore, you can find low-cost drones. No special skills are required for using them, which is very useful for someone far from technology. 

Video Editing and Audio Adjustment

You should find suitable video editing software to prepare your video for posting to a website or on a social media platform. You can even use your phone to edit videos! Try exploring the web online for some tutorials on how to flip video, cut a video, and edit a video. Additionally, make sure to check the video’s audio. Clients frequently skip the video if the audio quality is bad.


The real estate industry is considered one of the most challenging to promote. However, ways of attracting buyers’ attention have grown in popularity in recent years. Using the latest technologies, you can improve sales and real estate marketing. You can demonstrate to potential buyers the range of apartment designs by shooting a video.

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