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Life Hacks on How to Make the Interior More Luxurious

Probably, everyone came up with the idea of changing or improving their interior. But the problem was the lack of imagination and skill, it is also important to achieve the desired result with minimal investment. It is very easy to transform your room, and we have written this article to prove it to you and present some ideas and life hacks that will help you. For more useful tips on designing and planning your interior, you can follow the link:

Visual increase in space

We all understand that it is difficult to increase the height of the ceilings, but you can use optical illusions. One of these options is to make a curtain pocket (the cornice is hidden under the ceiling). The essence of this illusion is that the higher you hang the curtains, the higher the ceiling will appear.

If you make a wall cornice, then it can, on the contrary, reduce the room. Also, the advantage of this illusion is that the cornice will be hidden and this will not spoil your interior. It’s also best to make a curtain pocket from corner to corner, so you can visually enlarge the space even more.


The use of mirrors in the interior also helps to visually enlarge and add luxury to the space. We are talking about floor mirrors. Such mirrors can be used in all rooms, including the bathroom. But you need to use mirrors in the interior carefully, as they can also create an atmosphere of discomfort.

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Interior integrity

Some people think that every room should have its color of walls, floors, and curtains. The explanation for this is simple we looked at beautiful pictures on the Internet and want to repeat everything at once. But you should not do this, as it will look cheap and unprofessional.

It is better to choose one or two primary colors for the entire apartment or house. The idea is to keep your interior consistent. An excellent example of this is the Scandinavian style, it conveys an atmosphere of luxury, wealth, and minimalism. And all these thanks to one palette of colors.


The color of your interior can tell how much your interior is worth. There are many studies about color and thanks to them, it is possible to track a certain relationship between the color preferences of consumers and the level of income. This topic is very interesting, so we decided to talk about some colors in the interior:

  • white this color is most consistent with the minimalist style, color fills with energy and condition and also positively affects well-being;
  • red is quite aggressive, but if used correctly, it can create an atmosphere of wealth and prosperity;
  • yellow makes our brain work more efficiently, affects creativity, and improves mood, but, of course, this is only possible with proper planning;
  • green has a refreshing effect, allows you to stay in good shape and invigorate the body;
  • blue calms, suppresses aggression and improves concentration.

Do not abuse bright colors in the interior. Based on marketing research, people with more wealth prefer darker or whiter tones, and people with lower income prefer a lot of bright colors. Of course, you can use any color in the interior, and they will look expensive, the main thing is to plan and think about every detail in advance.


Plastic windows stand out very much, fasten and cheapen the interior, especially if the room is made in dark shades. If you’re on a tight budget, you can simply paint the window a dark color, and it will give the room a more upscale look. In most cases, the windows from the developer are not made very well, so you should either buy new ones or repaint them.


You can apply different ideas to the interior if you want it to look expensive. The main thing is to plan and follow the basic rules and life hacks that we wrote above. It is important to understand that the interior can look expensive and luxurious even with a small budget.

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