LED Lighting for Food Processing: A Shopping Guide

Whenever you buy processed food or beverages packed in a plant, the quality of the food depends on the quality of the lighting available in the plant. It not only ensures the safety of the food but helps to improve the productivity of the employees who are packing the food. The best form of lighting for food and beverage processing plants is LED lights. 

Why Are LED lights the Best Choice?

Given below are some reasons why LED lights are the best choice for the food and beverage processing industry: 

Colour Rendering Index:

The food processing industry is highly regulated so that all products meet the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. A factor for lighting in such sectors would be CRI or colour rendering index. 

Food inspectors can perform their jobs more accurately if the CRI is 85 or more. With a CRI of 90, LED lights are the best choice for this industry, and food inspectors can assess quality better. 

Lower Energy Consumption:

A significant consideration for the food and beverage processing industry is the energy consumed by the plant lighting. Since lighting is an essential part of the plant, installing LED lights makes sense since they cut down electricity bills by almost 85%. This makes LED lights energy efficient. 

With higher lumens, LED lights are brighter than conventional lights.

Led technology

Longer Life and Less Downtime

If you need to replace your bulbs often, then you pay a heavy price due to downtime. With a lifespan of 15 years, LED lights help you save hours of downtime and labour costs. 

LED Lights for the Food Processing Industry

There are various options when it comes to lights for the food and beverage processing industry: 

LED panel lights:

The LED panel lights are ceiling lights that are a perfect fit for the food processing industry. These lights come in different wattage and colour temperature. The higher the colour temperature, the brighter the light.

With a power factor of more than 0.9, these lights are extremely energy efficient. They are shockproof, making them safe for workers. 

These lights are extremely compact with a space-saving design and without any extra wiring required. The robust and sturdy fixture has no exposed screws or hardware that can contaminate the food.

Their rimless design ensures there is no accumulation of moisture, dust or bacteria. There is no threat of exposed glass shattering and harming the workers or the products. 

You don’t need a false ceiling for installing these lights. The efficiency of the workers improves because of the wide and smooth light distribution. The honeycomb lens in LED panel lights makes this possible. 

Since LED lights provide lighting close to natural sunlight, it improves the mood of the workers and keeps them fresh. 

LED Lighting2

LED Batten Lights

These LED lights have toggle switching and provide diffuse light for a relaxing ambience. They have a wide light distribution and are shockproof with a long life. 

Some of these lights have a power-reserve feature and you get back up illumination for 30 minutes. In case of an outage, you can save on downtime with this feature. The backup illumination has a lower wattage.

The strong metal body makes maintenance of these LED lights easy and you don’t need to worry about contaminants, moisture and dust. They have an anti-shatter lens making them risk-free. 

Different wattage and colour temperatures give you the flexibility to vary the lighting according to your needs. The current consumption depends on the wattage. 

Ensure Food Safety With LED Lights

The food and beverage processing industry needs proper lighting to ensure the safety of the products and the efficiency of the workers. Before you buy LED lights online, remember to check for the various features mentioned above. 

Food quality is assured when you use LED lights since the food inspector can check the products clearly due to the higher CRI. Not only do you save on costs but also downtime as LED lights last longer. 

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