Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Around 10-20 years ago, kitchens were placed in the back of a house hidden. It was this place where food was cooked and all the dirty dishes were kept for cleaning. But nowadays kitchens play a much different role in a house. It has ba-sically become a focal point of every home. It’s the place where everyone starts their day together or come back to after a long day way.

Just like kitchens have changed over the decades, so has kitchen remodeling trends. That brings us to our topic of Kitchen Remodeling trends. We are here to share with you the top Kitchen remodeling trends of 2019.

7 Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2019 that you need to know: –

1. Smart Kitchens: – The first trend of 2019 that we are going to talk about is Smart Kitchens. Technology has become a major part of our life nowadays and now it has entered the field of kitchens. Nowadays you can have a kitchen with technology integrated into every appliance and functions like fridge, lighting, etc. Smart kitchens are becoming an evolving aspect of kitchen design and in fact, many kitchens are being built smart from the ground up.

Smart Kitchens

Few of the smart kitchen items that make your life easy are faucets with sensors installed which detects the presence of hands, refrigerators which can alarm you when you are running low on groceries or drinks, coffee machine which automat-ically prepares coffee for you in the morning, gadgets which let you know which eggs are going bad, etc.

2. Colorful Cabinets: – The days of white cabinets are over now. People nowa-days are swinging towards bold colored cabinets instead of the usual dull white ones. According to designer Danielle Rollins, a set of colorful cabinets gives the kitchen a personality and finish. People have started coloring walls, cabinetry, and even matching appliances. If you are not sure what colors will match try searching some colorful cabinetry on Google and surely you will find something that suits you.

3. Quartz is still on top: – For the high-end kitchen countertops, quartz is still the best material to go for. Quartz is an extremely hardy material, lasts forever, and anti-microbial. The biggest competitor of Quartz is granite and it requires slightly more maintenance. When quartz came out the main problem was the lack of colors available but thanks to modern technology, now the manufacturers can provide a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.

4. Wood: – Another kitchen remodeling trend that is going on is the use of wood. People use wood for kitchen remodeling mainly because it provides a con-nection with nature. Remodeling your kitchen with wood helps create a calming and welcoming environment.


5. Matte Black: – Along with bold cabinets, there is a craze for Matt Black nowadays. Matt black hardware and fixtures are growing in popularity day by day. Kitchen hardware with matt is a great way to add contrast to wood cabinets and traditional kitchens.

6. Open Kitchen: – Another new trend in 2019 is an open kitchen and living areas. People are maximizing living space by making the family room and kitchen room merge together. Areas can be differentiated using a mix of lightning and wall colors.

7. Copper Accents: – Some people like to use copper utensils for cooking which adds a nice touch to your kitchen look. Besides making your kitchen look good, copper is naturally antibacterial which makes it healthier.

Copper Accents

Conclusion: –

There you go, these are the top 7 Kitchen Remodeling trends going on in 2019. Go through all of them and you will surely find one of your choice. Good luck!

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