Kitchen Remodel 101: 5 Tips On Finding Beautiful Kitchen Paints



The most attentive homeowners know that remodeling is a fun yet expensive aspect of maintaining a residential property. The kitchen is believed to be one of the most expensive yet worthwhile home remodeling projects one can spend quality time on. It’s where you prepare and cook hearty meals for your family, so having a beautiful and functional kitchen can give your household’s lifestyle a boost. 

When planning for a kitchen remodel, numerous aspects such as layout, plumbing, and electrical work need thoughtful consideration. However, you should always go back to the basics first: painting your kitchen with the right colors. With this in mind, here are five tips to guide you in choosing the right paint that’ll significantly spruce up your kitchen’s look and aura: 

Pick Up High-Quality Painting Materials 

Seek Expert Recommendations

Most kitchen remodels require professional help. Since you’re already working with remodeling contractors, it’s best to get their advice and insights in selecting the best paint. As kitchen experts for many households, they can recommend high-quality paint that they’ve been using for their clients’ needs. 

Typically, remodeling professionals suggest interior paint products made by established providers in the industry. Also, it’d be more advantageous to choose from paint companies that offer a wide variety of kitchen paint colors, finishes, prices, and other special features. High-quality paints won’t be cheap, but rest assured that you’ll get excellent vibrancy, consistency, depth, and longevity that accommodate your frequent use of the kitchen well. 

Choose Your Color And Finish 

Once you’ve picked your paint provider, it’s time to pick the best colors and finishes that’ll complement your kitchen. Keep in mind that you’re not required to follow a certain color palette for your kitchen, although they’d be immensely helpful. Ideally, you can take a look at your kitchen’s overall design and theme. 

For instance, classic and traditional kitchens stick to neutral, timeless colors like flat white, cream, and tan that don’t distract other colors in the kitchen. Meanwhile, modern and contemporary kitchens shift to bold colors and contrasting tones like fluorescent yellows, gentle greens, and vibrant reds. If you don’t plan to update your decorations and accents, make sure to pair them with your desired colors. 

Aside from color, the paint’s finish will create a huge difference on your kitchen walls. Comparing flat, eggshell and satin, and semi-gloss interior paint finishes with swatches is generally advised. 

Take Your Time

At first glance, choosing a paint type should be easy, but you’ll actually have to take your sweet time finding the right one. When you see a pretty color on the paint store, don’t impulsively buy a large amount right away. The store’s lighting can influence how the color looks, so step outside and take a good look at it under natural light. 

Moreover, you can take home a few chips or samples of your chosen colors and place them next to your wall. Don’t forget to look at them at different times of the day to see how they blend in with the lighting. Upon narrowing down your options, you can start painting large sheets of heavy paper, attach them to your walls, and go from there.

Stay Away From Health Hazards 

Your family spends plenty of time staying in the kitchen. Saving money on cheap, low-quality paint can cost your family’s health and safety. Indoor air is known to be far more polluted than outdoor air, and as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), paints are one of the biggest contributors to harmful indoor air pollution. 

Essentially, the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in paint are mainly responsible for this pollution. While they’re crucial to a paint’s performance, they can cause headaches, allergic reactions, asthma, skin irritation, and long-term stress on vital organs. 

Therefore, opt for safer choices such as low VOC or VOC-free paints. You can also find alternatives to painting your walls like limewashing, wall murals, and wallpapers. 

Pick Up High-Quality Painting Materials 

Repainting kitchen cabinet doors with white chalk paint indoors at home. Giving old kitchen new look concept. Hand holding a paint brush tool with paint against old cupboard door.

Lastly, if you’re on the search for the best paint, then it’s best to pair it with top-quality painting materials to ensure an excellent painting job result. This tip only applies if you plan to paint the kitchen yourself, as professional painters already have these materials with them ready. 

Before getting started on the project, gather all your painting materials in one place. Depending on the nature and scale of your painting job, here are some painting supplies you might need: 

  • Brushes and rollers;
  • Sandpaper and sanding block;
  • Caulking gun;
  • Paint guide;
  • Drop cloths;
  • Brush comb; 
  • Step ladders and extension ladders;
  • Putty knife; 
  • Paint scraper; and 
  • Spackling paste. 

Never Compromise On Cheap, Low-Quality Paint

While furniture, fittings, and appliances play a vital role in your kitchen remodeling project, it’s not an excuse to set your kitchen’s paint color and quality aside. As the ambiance of your kitchen highly depends on it, it’s only fair to invest in top-notch kitchen paint made by the best in the industry that has the right color and finish and won’t cost your family’s health. 

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