Kitchen Design Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make


Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid 3

Ask any homeowner where their home’s heart is, and they will say it’s the kitchen. This is where we spend much of our time and cook incredible meals. And so, hearing about a kitchen remodel Durham, NC, is music to the ear.

Not so fast, though. Many homeowners make lots of mistakes in their kitchen remodeling projects, which could become too costly in the long run. They end up overspending on the project and even regret the outcome.

But how do you know what to avoid? We will be sharing some of them here for you.

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Do Not Force an Island

Many homeowners rush to force an island into their kitchens after seeing it in another kitchen or online. You may want to avoid that mistake in your kitchen remodeling project. 

Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid 2

An island is always an excellent addition to a kitchen. But if it does not fit in your space, do not force it. It will only cramp up the place and make it seem smaller than it may be.

Don’t Forget the “Work Triangle”

A kitchen is more than just a room where you cook meals and make memories. It’s also a system that connects everything else in the home. Hence, the “work triangle” is essential in kitchen circulation. This imaginary line that connects the stove, sink, and refrigerators is easy to forget, but you shouldn’t. It creates the perfect workflow for the room.

A large triangle means you will keep running to and fro to get kitchen necessities. This could make cooking seem like a huge task. And if it’s too small, you will not get enough space to accommodate more than one person. Consider having a triangle where each leg measures between 4 and 9 feet.

Choosing The Wrong Flooring Material

 Kitchen floor remodeling seems easy, but it can take a lot from you. There are so many options for modern kitchen flooring that it can be overwhelming to find the right one. Hence, most homeowners will rush to choose just any material they meet.

Whereas it might not seem much, the floor can mean everything in your experience. Avoid choosing flooring materials that catch dirt too easily or are slippery. The last thing you want is to struggle to clean every time something spills on the floor.

Leaving too Much Space Above the Cabinets

If you want to avoid dust buildup, do not leave a vast empty space above the cabinets. It might seem like extra storage space, but it’s hard to clean and may not serve any real purpose. Extend your cabinets to cover as much space above as possible, and even touch the ceiling if possible.

 A Complex Backsplash

A kitchen remodel backsplash can be extremely hard to achieve when you want to replace the existing one. And that is why experts recommend that simple is always more elegant. A busy one that distracts you may not be worth the trouble and may even reduce your home’s value. So, just keep it simple.

Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid 1

Final Thought

Are you looking for the best Durham kitchen remodeling company? We are here for you. We have several functional ideas that are sure to give you a beautiful kitchen. Call us for more information.

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