How to Repair a Garage Door: Tips and Guidelines


Repair a Garage Door 2

Is your garage door not functioning properly? It needs to be repaired immediately as the garage door can cause serious injuries. As per the reports, around 18000 people get injured by improperly functioning garage doors every year. 

So, this is an alarming situation. If you do not want to be counted as a person who got injured by an improperly functioning garage door, repair it. It is not necessary to call a professional and get the garage door fixed. You can do it yourself as well. Need guidance? Here are the tips and guidelines.

  • Examine the garage door carefully 
  • Tighten the bolts in the brackets 
  • Treat the tracks and the rollers 
  • Check and fix the issues in the plates and hinges 
  • Replace the cables and pulleys

Repair a Garage Door 1

Examine the garage door carefully 

To be able to identify and fix the issue with your garage door, the garage door repair Nashville owner first has to examine the door quite well. While examining the garage door, you have to pay attention to all the tiniest details; otherwise, you would neither be able to identify nor fix the issue.

Tighten the bolts in the brackets 

Sometimes the bolts in the brackets get loose due to frequent use. Therefore, you have to reach the brackets and double-check the bolts. If they are loosened, tighten them up to perfection.

Treat the tracks and the rollers

Once the bolts are fixed, you have to shift your focus to tracks. The tracks can contain dents, crimps, or flat spots. If the tracks are damaged to the point that a rubber mallet or a block of scrap wood can not fix it, replace the tracks. However, in other situations, you simply have to align and clean them. The rollers have only to be cleaned and dried well to improve the garage door condition.

Check and fix the issues in the plates and hinges 

If you are using a swing-up garage door, there would be plates to check, and in the case of a roll-up garage door, the hinges need to be examined. Whether it is plates or hinges, you have to tighten up the loosened screws. If the screws do not keep the plates or hinges in place because the hole has enlarged, try replacing the screw. Sometimes the wood in the hinges has cracks. The cracks can not be neglected, you have to treat these cracks using a wood filler. It would surely help.

Repair a Garage Door 2

Replace the cables and pulleys 

Lastly, the worn-out cables and pulleys must be checked and replaced. Fried cables and damaged pulleys cause the door to fail to work up to your expectations. Replace them to have the issue resolved.

For most people following the above-mentioned steps fix the issue. If even after following the issue with the garage door does not go away, you have to call a professional. It is because there is some serious issue with the garage door. To face fewer issues with the garage door, you can install a garage door opener. It can be installed with or without professional help. Taking professional help is recommended. 

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