The Top Reasons for Tree Removal


Reasons for Tree Removal 1

Trees are very beneficial in our gardens. They provide shade, improve air quality, offer aesthetic value and carry sentimental significance.

Based on this value, calling a tree service Irvine CA to remove your tree may not be the most exciting thought. However, there are situations that may force you to make such a decision, especially when it touches on people’s safety. 

So, when is the right time to call for a tree removal Irvine CA? That is what we will be looking at today. The following are some of the top reasons we have outlined for you.

When The Tree is Diseased

Like any other living thing, trees are vulnerable to disease and infestations. Most of these conditions can be treated, especially if you discover them early.

Reasons for Tree Removal 2

But when the infection has spread in the whole tree with no signs of ever healing, you need to get rid of it. Leaving it standing risks falling on your property and spreading the disease to other plants.

Here are some signs that your tree is diseased:

  • The tree is obviously infested. When your tree starts changing appearance in its leaves, color of the foliage, and the bark, it’s best to call a tree service Irvine. Such a tree needs to be assessed, and if the damage is extensive, to be removed.
  • Woodpeckers. Have you noticed an increase in the number of woodpeckers on your tree? It could be a clear sign that your tree is decaying. Woodpeckers love feeding on wood insects. You will need an expert tree service to inspect and offer the best solution.

Call for a tree removal Irvine CA immediately if you notice these issues. We recommend constant tree maintenance and inspections to pick up the issues early enough before they become real problems.

The Tree is Damaged

Damaged trees should never be left standing in your backyard. Damages come from:

  • Old age. The tree has been standing for many years, and now it’s too old to keep going.
  • Extreme weather conditions. Recent high-speed winds or hail storms may have damaged a large part of the tree.
  • Improper trimming. Pruning your tree wrongly may also damage it, forcing a removal.

Call for a tree removal Orange County CA if a large portion of the tree is damaged. Check the main trunk for such damages, as this could lead to hazardous decay.

Your Tree is Dead

Noticing a dead tree does not require any special skills. It could result from damage that happened long ago and now poses a huge risk to the surrounding area. Such a tree will also attract pests, which is why it must be removed carefully.

Reasons for Tree Removal 3

The Tree is Located in a Wrong Place

Trees are often planted in the best locations. As they grow, however, they may most close to power lines, homes, or buildings and will need to be cut down. Call an expert tree removal service to safely remove the tree without damaging the properties.

There are several other reasons why you may need tree removal services. This includes paving the way for construction or when the tree is too messy. Whatever your reasons, call our expert removalist for safe removal.

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