Kit Out Your Garden for the Ideal Outdoor Party

With spring on its way, the thoughts of warmer evenings and nights spent outdoors will be starting to come to mind. You might be thinking about hosting an array of events for family and friends, but your garden might not be quite up to scratch.

What is needed to create the ultimate outdoor gathering? It’ll take more than some cold beer and burgers to host a memorable outdoor party. From a fire pit to keep your guests warm to good quality speakers, there are a range of ways to improve your outdoor setting. This won’t only benefit your parties, but your overall living space for chilled evenings outside.

To help prepare your outdoor gathering, here’s everything you need to be the ultimate host this spring/summer.

Comfortable Seating

One of the most important parts of hosting is making sure your guests are comfortable. There’s not a lot worse than feeling uncomfortable on outdoor seating at a party, it stops you from enjoying yourself. To avoid this, you can either invest in comfortable outdoor chairs or bulk out your current furniture with quality pillows, comfy blankets and extra padding.

Not only will this make your guests feel more comfortable and at ease, but you can reap the benefits every evening yourself. Comfy seating will give you the option to eat outdoors, star gaze in the evenings or simply relax outside whenever you please.

Shelter Options

The weather can be unpredictable, even during the summer. But it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your plans. If you give yourself shelter options, you can keep the good times going outside without having to cancel or wrap up early. 

Choose from freestanding umbrella options to the more impressive retractable awning for built-in extras, such as LED lighting and controls. Unexpected rain shower? No problem.

Fire Pit

No matter how hot the day is, once the sun sets it can get quite chilly outside. Cosy blankets are a great option to keep guests warm, but nothing offers the toasty feeling quite like a fire pit.

A fire pit not only keeps everyone warm, but you can find stylish ones that add a touch of elegance as well as warmth to your garden. There are also options that boast storage areas, decorative elements and side tables to place food and drink.

Get Musical

A party isn’t a party without music. Speakers play an important role in creating the atmosphere you’re after. For a subtle look, find speakers that merge into your garden. You can find many that look like rocks to blend them into your garden style.

Make sure to opt for wireless speakers to avoid the use of plugs and sockets and create a playlist so you can spend time with your guests instead of choosing the next song.


You don’t want to be in pitch darkness once the sun sets. There are plenty of choices that will light up your garden to keep the party going. From stylish and cordless lanterns to candles and rechargeable fairy lights, lighting is essential to keep the evening on track.

Outdoor Party 1

Food and Drink

From summer cocktails to dreamy dishes, food and drink plays a large part in any gathering. Plan ahead with kebabs and cocktails and easy-to-prep dishes to make the process as stress-free as possible. Get yourself a good quality BBQ to create the perfect summer menu.

Insect Repellent

Insects can easily disrupt a fun day. From insect repellent to citronella candles, there are certain measures you can take to help avoid these insects ruining your day and evening. 

Bugs and wasps are easily attracted to sweet drinks, so try to keep these closed off to avoid them. Wasps are usually around in late summer, so if your party is taking place during this time do all you can to keep sweet things hidden.

Final Touches

Finally, add any extras that you think would add a nice touch to your outdoor haven. Things like candles, battery-packed decorative lights and nice drinking glasses can make all the difference to your setting.

These tips won’t only help you level up your garden party, but will complete outdoor living space. You can enjoy the space you’ve created every evening if you please. The parties are a just bonus!

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