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Key Tips On Choosing The Perfect Indoor Greenage For Your Home

It’s exciting to think of the many ways to decorate your home. With a desire to add more personality to your space, indoor greenery comes to mind. Plants are trending decorative pieces today, as they give the room a classic and natural look.

Living Room Plants

Adding plants to your living room is a way to add personality to it. Plants add beauty and they aid in reducing the toxins and purifying the air. If you plan on adding plants to this space, you may consider the following tips:


  • Size. Do you have enough space for large houseplants? Or would smaller potted plants fit better? Review your layout and consider the plant’s size in your design planning.


  • Maintenance. Plant maintenance is important. You need to learn how to take care of them before deciding on which kind to place in your living room. Low maintenance plants are always ideal for busy people.

Here are some helpful recommendations:

  • For big spaces. The fiddle leaf fig is ideal for big spaces. What’s great about this plant is that it requires little maintenance. It survives in medium to bright-lighted areas and only needs regular watering.

For big spaces

  • For small spaces. Dracaenas look polished and exotic, especially when placed in a colorful box or on a monochromatic platter on your coffee table. However, you must be aware that this plant’s leaves are poisonous to pets when chewed.

For small spaces

Bedroom Plants

Indoor greenage also add a sense of serenity when placed in the bedroom. Having plants in the bedroom helps you breathe better and promote calmness. If you plan on adding them to your bedroom, these tips can help you decide:

Bedroom Plants

  • Bedroom mood. Choose a plant that completes your bedroom mood. If you want a bedroom that makes you want to relax from the moment you open the doors, your indoor greenery should complement it.
  • Bedroom size. Your bedroom size also matters. If you have limited space in your bedroom, you should choose plants that you can place on top of your bedside table or your dresser.

Plant size

  • Plant size. Your plant size must complement the size of your bedroom. Avoid big plants if you have a small bedroom.

When selecting greenery for the bedroom, it is best to avoid the deciduous ones. Succulents and snake plants are ideal for the bedroom, as their water requirement is low and they are less deciduous.

Bathroom Plants

Bathroom Plants

Don’t you want to enter your bathroom and feel as if you are in a lavish spa? You do not need to remodel your shower just to feel like you are bathing in luxury. A few plants here and there should do the trick. Consider these tips in choosing the perfect indoor greenerage for your bathroom:

  • Temperature and humidity. Nobody wants to take a bath in ice-cold water, which is why a water heater is a typical fixture in the bathroom. Heat from the hot water sometimes produce steam and creates a humid atmosphere in the bathroom. If you choose a plant, ensure that it can survive humid temperatures.
  • Size. Again, size matters even when it comes to bathrooms and plants. Choose a plant that can fit into a corner of the bathroom, on the sink, or on top of a windowsill.

Bedroom Size

Here are some of the recommended plants that thrive well in the bathroom:

  • Bamboo. Lucky Bamboos need little light and no soil to flourish. Directly place this plant in a dish with water and pebbles. You can put it beside your sink, and it becomes an instant tranquil spot.
  • Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is more than just an attractive succulent. It provides many benefits for the body. Place this plant near the bathroom window. It requires with minimal water, so the humid temperature from the shower is almost sufficient.

Bamboo, Aloe Vera, Orchids

  • Orchids. Orchids exude elegance and luxury, which is why placing them in your bathroom can add more beauty to it. These plants also thrive in damp conditions, perfect for a bathroom.

You can place indoor greenery in other parts of the house, such as the office or the kitchen. These decorative pieces are easy to install and design. We hope you enjoyed this Bellarine Trees article.

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