Key Design Elements of a Luxurious Modern Kitchen

When it comes to interior design, it’s a fair bet that most of the attention is normally paid to living rooms and dens. For the longest time, people didn’t dedicate that much time or effort to designing luxurious kitchens. Now, however, consumers’ tastes have changed radically and an increasingly large percentage of discerning homebuyers want ultramodern kitchens that offer impeccable design features.

Architects have responded with a wide variety of new layouts. Many of these focus on a single aspect of the dining and entertainment process, such as serving spirits.

Promoting an Emphasis on Beverages

While kitchens normally include a refrigerator and freezer, those who have a taste for high-end designs are more often opting for dedicated wine coolers that offer them extra space for their preferred drinks of choice. A wannabe sommelier on a budget can now buy wine cooler online and save enough money to actually stock the unit once they have it in place.

Intrepid designers have started to incorporate this kind of technology into their kitchens in a way that’s more aesthetically pleasing than you might think. Wine bottles are normally quite decorative, which makes them an instant focus for anyone who wants to show off their collection. A cooler with a glass door adds a sudden burst of color to a room, especially if its one that’s been well stocked.

Others have found ways to incorporate their beverages directly into the layout of their kitchen. For instance, you could have an area of wooden cabinetry installed with a dedicated wine rack built right into it.

Designing a Functional & Fashionable Island


One feature that always seems to stand out in all ultramodern kitchens is the island, which sometimes includes a griddle or even a complete stove. Regardless of what technical amenities you have put in it, you’ll certainly want to include plenty of storage space inside.

Some enterprising architects have actually sought to elevate them on one side, which gives you the ability to tuck away certain items underneath the legs as though it were an oversized table.

At the same time, many interior decorators have advised painting the island a different color that complements the rest of a kitchen’s decor. That helps to set it apart without making it appear as though it doesn’t belong. Since the island provides a certain level of internal volume as well, it’s a great place to stash ugly necessities like a trash can. By placing these out of the line of sight, you won’t have to worry about guests getting the wrong idea when they survey the area near your sink and faucets.

Interestingly, some of these designs actually aren’t all that practical. In fact, some specialists are starting to specialize in kitchens for those who don’t often cook but enjoy giving the appearance of someone who does.

Design Elements of Elaborate Kitchen Layouts


Mies van der Rohe famously promoted the idea that less is more, but modern designers are opting for opulent styles that would have made him furious. While some of these are technically impractical, they’re attractive to those who don’t often cook for themselves.

Several prominent designers have incorporated elaborate plate racks into kitchens that feature sprawling stone floors. Others have opted to use built-in china cabinets as focal points for the backs of their rooms and installed impressive objets d’art in overhead areas.

In some cases, unusual shapes have even become popular. Designers who are working on construction a home from the ground up are free to eliminate hard corners and solid edges.

Rounded kitchens might not be the most practical, but they’re quickly becoming popular because of the novelty. Those who do prefer to regularly prepare meals can be sure that it’ll be easy to get in and out of the cooking area. Anyone who doesn’t should still find the design to be very impressive.

Traditional design features, like granite and marble counters, are still viewed as a great option for those who want a luxurious yet practical layout. Eat-in sections at islands or an attached breakfast nook are also starting to surge back in popularity.

Regardless of what goes in and out of style, however, you can be sure that designers will continue to search for the next big thing.

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