Keep Your Next Home Project Green With These Sustainable Tips

Adopting green practices and methods can help save the environment, and contribute to maintaining balance in the ecosystem. This effort taken to positively impact the environment can also save a lot of money. And when it comes to updating your home that looks old and worn out, it is only wise to go green and clean. Eco-friendly paints and sustainable building materials can reduce waste and make your home more energy and water-efficient.

When you apply the following tips during your home renovation project, you do a favor to yourself and mother nature. Enough of talking, let’s look at a few ways you can renovate sustainably.

Planning is Key

Planning ahead of time is the key to a successful renovation project. The first step is to identify your needs and requirements. Now, before you start hiring the flooring and painting contractors, you must have clarity of thoughts regarding your project. Also, you need to figure out how you are going to manage the waste during and after the project is completed. Hiring a skip bin is a good way to pile up the entire waste in one place.

Additionally, set a budget for the entire refurbishment project and do not cross it, no matter what.

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Keep Your Vision Clear

When you hire building contractors or interior designers, help them understand your vision clearly so that they can give you an estimate and create a blueprint using your guidance. Discussing your requirements with the experts will give them a good starting point. They can also provide honest insights and advise you on some changes that your project may require.

Furthermore, hire a construction company that uses locally sourced materials and green practices. This is a good way to boost the local economy and ensure you are not contributing to marine pollution. If the firm transports its material from overseas, make sure they use effective oil spill solutions. 

ADsorb-it’s liquid filtration products are made from 100% recycled select fibers from the textile industry; designed with the unique ability to remove oil and sheen from water.

Take Precautions Before Demolition

If the home renovation project requires any part of your home being knocked down, make sure you take proper precautions and stay away from debris that might contain harmful asbestos. Call asbestos removal services to get rid of the substance, if it is there. Also, to make sure no amount of asbestos is released into the environment, cover the entire house in plastic sheets. These precautions are necessary because if inhaled, asbestos can cause problems related to the lung.

Recycle and Repurpose When You Can

Recycling is an essential part of green living and sustainable renovation. So, start the project by finding materials that can be recycled, reused, or repurposed. If the furniture in your hall is in good condition but has outdated, you can reuse it by incorporating some of the pieces in your outdoor alfresco area. If your hardwood has lost its luster, consider repainting instead of replacing it completely.

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Replace Inefficient Appliances

Traditional toilets use more water with every flush than water-efficient toilets. So, if your home has appliances and hardware that have been there for more than ten years, now may be the time to upgrade them. When choosing new appliances, make wise and environment-friendly decisions. Choose appliances with less water and energy consumption to reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, use solar-powered products.

Energy Efficient Homes Are The Best

Now that you are renovating your home, you could use this as an opportunity to reduce your energy bills. If your home was built more than seven years ago, it might not be energy efficient. So, when refurbishing, ensure proper insulation around the house, make sure gaps are properly sealed, and use a star-rated HVAC system. Additionally, see to it that your house has proper ventilation, so the air inside remains fresh and healthy. 

We hope this article helped and gave you a much-needed inspiration to go green, and renovate without the guilt of harming the environment. If you have some more tips to share with us, kindly write them down in the comment section below.

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