Jobs That Need Landscaping Insurance

Congratulations are in order if you have lately taken the bold step of becoming an entrepreneur. The landscaping business is immensely satisfying, and hopefully you will also find it rewarding. As is the case with other startups, it is necessary to have an insurance cover as part of your business plan to protect your valuable investment. 

The landscape profession is broad; therefore, this article will name some of the fields that fall under it and tell you why they need insurance coverage. 


These professionals keep areas of land and gardens clean. They beautify them by modifying the various features. This is achieved, by incorporating plant life and manipulating the terrain amongst other activities. This requires special skills and the use of tools such as pruning shears, spades, and lawnmowers. 

Where tools and machinery are in use, a cover against bodily harm and property damage is necessary. Workers Compensation is required as coverage for employee injury.

Tree Pruning

This is considered one of the riskier professions as it poses a danger to both the worker as well as personal property. Tree trimmers specialize in pruning parts of the tree, for example, they remove unnecessary branches but leave the tree upright. In frequent use are tools such as hand saws, axes, and wedges. In addition to obtaining a cover against bodily injury, the tools of the trade also need to be secured against damage and theft.

Once again, Workers Compensation is necessary for employee injury. In fact, Workers Comp is a requirement for contractors in most states. On the other hand, it is advisable to invest in Inland Marine insurance to protect against theft.

Landscape Designers

Also known as landscape architects, these are landscapers who work on a larger scale, taking on tasks such as the design of pools, patios, and golf courses. They produce creative plans to create a pleasing landscape incorporating green spaces, pathways, and water features. They require landscaping insurance for coverage against natural disasters, theft, and professional liability.

A third-party can sue you if the advice you have given causes damage to their property. To protect against this, you should invest in an Errors and Omissions policy.

Landscaping 2

Lawn Irrigation/Sprinkler System Contractors

Watering systems are in high demand from private homeowners, sports clubs, commercial buildings, and other property owners. Irrigation contractors design and maintain irrigation and sprinkler systems.

An irrigation business requires equipment such as tubing and sprinklers, and the main asset necessary is a van for the transportation of equipment, hence a business cover that includes motor insurance is necessary.

Some contractors mistakenly believe that their personal auto insurance will be enough. Even if you are using your personal vehicle for work purposes, you will require Commercial Auto insurance. 

Hardscape Designers

This is landscaping with non-plant features such as rocks, concrete, and bricks. Hardscape designers add structure and focal points to a landscaping design with the use of features such as gazebos. 

Even with the best safety precautions, you may damage pathways, gardens and structures. This is where your General Liability coverage will protect you from third-party claims for property damage.

The above areas of business have the following in common:

  • Their assets comprise of specialized equipment, both powered and hand tools that need to be transported to the location of the job.
  • The businesses need employees to undertake manual tasks.
  • Landscaping involves the offer of services on-site for work done at a client’s property.

This calls for an insurance cover that will offer protection against General Liability, protect your equipment on-site and on the move, and cover your employees against injury. There is no single insurance policy that provides coverage for all the risks your landscaping business faces. 

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