Is There a Difference Between Masonry Restoration and Masonry Repairs?

Many buildings are built with masonry. The term is a construction method that uses cement mortar to attach bricks and stones together. Many modern buildings are now built using other materials, but they often have masonry facades, as is considered more attractive, compared to more modern materials. Masonry is extremely strong and long-lasting, but over time it does age and become weathered and damaged. The masonry can be repaired and there are 2 processes – masonry repair and restoration. These 2 processes are very similar but their complexity and reason for being performed are what make them different.

Masonry Restoration

Professional contractors offer masonry restoration services, to restore older buildings that have aged and become damaged.
The purpose of this process is to return a building to its original state both aesthetically and structurally.

Details About Masonry Restoration 

Masonry restoration is a complex, time-consuming process, it requires highly specialized skills and close attention to detail. Expert train to gain these skills and knowledge that every detail is important. The restored masonry has to consist of materials that mimic the materials and details that were originally present when the building was constructed, to successfully repoint walls. To repoint walls the masonry contractors initially carefully remove any damaged sections of the wall, leaving the only undamaged surfaces. Next, the contractors apply fresh mortar which matches the mortar in the rest of the building. Specialist contractors use the original, damaged material to create the same color, texture and shape as the original materials.

Masonry 2

Masonry Repair 

Masonry repair is a common specialist service, used to fix parts of brick walls that need repairing. For example: filling cracks, repairing crumbling bricks or leaning walls. Brick wall repair has to happen promptly as soon as it is detected as masonry damage affects the structural integrity of the building. If it is left unrepaired it will become a major safety hazard.

Details About Masonry Repair 

Masonry repair is performed by experienced contractors that are highly trained and certified. These specialists replace damaged stones and bricks with new ones that match the damaged ones. Less complex jobs include repairing cracks, in which case the masonry contractor will fill the gap with concrete or a sand-based filling. The time needed for a brickwall repair depends upon the type and extent of the damage. Small cracks will take less time compared to larger cracks or even more complex spalling bricks. Brick repair is almost always quicker in comparison to masonry restoration, mainly due to the need for restoration to match all the bricks and other materials to the original building.

Masonry repair should be used for the general maintenance of your building. By repairing small cracks and other issues in the brickwork, it will allow you to keep larger more serious problems at bay.

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