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Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Water is one of the most essential components of all life. It keeps us hydrated, provides a home for marine life, and so much more. Our bodies are even made of 60% water!

Without a doubt, water plays an important role in our lives. But what about the tap water you drink every day?

No doubt, you’ve heard stories about cities like Flint, Michigan, whose drinking water contains harmful chemicals. But is your tap water safe to drink? And what’s the deal with fluoride, anyway?

To find out, make sure you keep reading!

What Is the Purification Process Like?

Drinking water is collected from a wide variety of sources, including rivers, lakes, rain, the ground, and yes, sewer systems.

While that may make you think twice about reaching for a cold glass of water, you have nothing to worry about. By the time water reaches your tap, it’s quite clean.
What Is the Purification Process Like

Collected water goes through a long and intense process known as purification. The process takes place at massive treatment centers, where workers use many processes like screening and chlorination before water is filtered back to you.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink As-Is?

In almost all cases, tap water is perfectly fine to drink. The purification process described above should get rid of any debris or harmful bacteria.

Still, from time to time you’ll want to test your water so you can be 100% sure that you and your family are only getting the best. You can find water testing kits online, or you can call your local water company for information on a more in-depth test.

If you notice anything out of sorts following the test, don’t hesitate to call the water department and alert them.

If you’d rather be extra careful, there are also plenty of great filter systems you can add to your tap. Products like Filtap are easy to install and guarantee the removal of parasites, bacteria, rust, and more! Plus, you’ll notice a more palatable taste from filtered water.

What About Fluoride?

For some, fluoride is the real-life equivalent to the boogeyman. Some people say that it can cause permanent brain damage and change behavior. They’re also quick to point out that the government puts fluoride in your tap water!

Well, one of those statements is true.
What About Fluoride
The government does add fluoride to drinking water, but the reasons behind it are far less devious than you might suspect. Fluoridated water is designed to prevent tooth decay by strengthening enamel. And by all accounts, it’s pretty effective according to studies.

So rest assured, there’s nothing to fear about fluoridated water.

We’ll Drink to That: What to Know About Your Water

Now that we know a bit more about our drinking water and what exactly goes into bringing it to our taps, let’s circle back to our initial question: is tap water safe to drink?

Yes! Government regulation ensures that our water is safe, clean, and delicious, so drink up! And if you’d like an extra layer of safety, don’t forget that you can always invest in a filter for your tap.

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