Is it Worth Hiring a Cleaner for My House?

We all know a friend who swears that hiring a cleaner for their home was the best decision they ever made. And we’ve probably all been envious as we’ve pictured the state of our own homes and the housework waiting for us! What puts a lot of us off hiring our own cleaners is the cost. Can we justify hiring a cleaner to do tasks that we could take care of ourselves?

Here’s just 3 reasons why hiring a cleaner is worth it!

1.It’s more affordable than you think


Hiring a cleaner is often portrayed as much more of a luxury than it really is. Yes, you get to indulge in putting your feet up and not worrying about scrubbing the bathroom, but the service doesn’t come with the designer price tag that you’re probably imagined. There are probably hundreds of cleaning services in your local community. You’ll find many on AirTasker. Make sure you choose one you can rely on to put the shine back into your home.

2.Your time is valuable

time is valuable
A good way to evaluate whether hiring a cleaner is worthwhile is to imagine that your chores were taken off your to-do list. What would that be worth to you? You can use your free time to do something much more valuable, like spend time with your family, hit the gym, read or relax at the beach. It’s up to you!Don’t let stress follow you home, hire a cleaner to free up your time.

3.You can pick and choose how much help you need

house cleaner
Hiring a cleaner isn’t an all or nothing deal. If you can’t stand cleaning the bathroom or kitchen but don’t mind vacuuming, you can hire a cleaner just to take care of the bathrooms and kitchen. Many cleaning companies are flexible in this way and others are not. Contact a few reputible cleaning companies in your area to find one that suits your specific needs.

If you are still concerned about the cost. There are ways to help minimise the ongoing cleaning costs for your home. For example, choosing to furnish your home with easy to clean and durable items are often well worth the long-term investment. Yes, they may cost a little more initially however they can save you in the long run. Consider the carpet you choose since, cleaning the floors is one of the biggest tasks when cleaning a home. Also consider how tidy and efficient your home is. If your cleaner has to constantly pick up and move things to clean your home, they’ll need to charge you more to cover the time.
house clean
When hiring a cleaner, make sure you check your candidates thoroughly and be careful who you trust to come into your home. Your possessions may not be insured if you use an unregistered cleaning business so if something valuable was stolen, you’ll be left to deal with the problem yourself. It may be tempting to pay them cash without receiving a receipt if they offfer a discount. This is done because they can often avoid paying tax on the income. The problem is, if something goes wrong you have no official record of the work done. What happens if they damage your carpet by using the cleaning agents? What happens if they damage the furniture? What happens if they leave a tap on and flood your home? Weigh up whether the risk is worth the lower rate or discount offered by “cash in hand” cleaners.

Unfortunately cleaners do have access to your property and therefore they have the opportunity to steal items so it’s worth considering who you hire and doing your due-dillegance to minimise your risk.

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