Is it Time to Repair an Air Conditioner? 7 Signs to Know for Sure

Is it time to repair an air conditioner? Get to know the signs it is time to make this investment by reading the information found here.

When it’s hot outside, you want to know your air conditioner is going to do its job. There are few things worse than expecting your air conditioner to work when you click it on, and it doesn’t.
Because when it’s already hot and you have no air, you know things are not good.

Pay attention and plan ahead. Is your air conditioner already telling you it needs a little TLC? Better to know those signs than to end up with it completely broken and no air on a hot day.

Read on to learn the signs your air conditioner is giving you. You might just need to repair an air conditioner or call in the pros for an air conditioner tune-up.

1. Blowing Air That Isn’t Cold

It’s a pretty strong signal your air conditioner is sending you when the air coming out is not cool. If you turn on your air conditioner and hot air comes out, you definitely have some type of problem going on.

The first thing to check is your thermostat. Make sure it is in working order. If it is sending the wrong message to the unit, it might be the reason you aren’t getting cold air.
Blowing Air That Isn’t Cold

If that is working, you likely have something going on that will require you to find a HVAC technician so they can take a look at the unit. It is likely one of a few things: a compressor issue, a refrigerant leak or the unit is low on freon.

2. Moisture Near the Air Conditioning Unit

If you look at your air conditioning unit and notice water pooling or puddling up around your unit, this is a sign there is some kind of problem.

This could indicate there is a minor problem like a blockage in the drain tube.

It could also mean there is something more serious going on. You could have a refrigerant leak which is what you are seeing around the unit.

While a small amount of condensation on a hot day might be normal, more than that indicates you have a problem that needs to be looked at by a professional.

3. Smelly Smells Around the Unit

There are likely two reasons your air conditioner is smelly, neither of which is a good thing.
First, you might notice a pungent burning smell. You might have a piece of wire insulation that is burning up.

You might also notice a musty smell. This would indicate you might have an issue with mold from moisture inside your unit.

Both of these smells tell you it’s time for your air conditioner to have a check-up.

4. Strange Sounds From the Unit

Just like with your car, an unusual sound is not a good thing. You know how your air conditioner sounds when it is working well. You might hear the motor clicking on as it gets started or hear it click off.
You might hear it running with its regular soft running sound.

But anything like grinding, squealing or loud thumping sound is not a good thing.
Strange Sounds From the Unit
And just like with your car, this sound will not go away by ignoring it. This is your air conditioner trying to tell you there is something more serious about to go wrong. It’s a good time to call in the pros to have a look at the unit.

5. No Air Is Flowing

There are a few things to consider when you are not getting good airflow or inconsistent airflow from the air conditioner.

You might have some kind of blockage preventing air from getting to certain parts of your house. This would indicate something is blocking in the ductwork. Debris and dust build up in ductwork and it might be time to have it cleaned.

You might also check the filters associated with the unit. You might have a clogged or blocked air filter preventing air from moving.

On the more serious side, you could have a compressor or a motor issue.

6. High Humidity in Your House

During those hot and sticky months of the year, you expect humidity outside your home. But you certainly don’t want it indoors.

Part of the job of your air conditioner is to take the humidity out of the air inside your house. If you notice your house feels sticky and humid while the unit is running, that’s a sign something isn’t quite right.

This could indicate any number of issues related to the air conditioner. Mostly, it’s a sign telling you that your air conditioner needs a check-up from the professionals.

7. Constant Cycling, Higher Bills

While it’s normal for your air conditioner to turn on and off based on temperature, it should not be clicking on and off over and over. If it clicks on, then immediately turns itself off, something is wrong.
Constant Cycling, Higher Bills
Likewise, a change in your bills is a red flag there is an issue. Sure you expect higher bills during the peak hot season. If your unit has to run more to keep the house cool, your bill will be higher. That’s just common sense.

However, if your averages for bills have suddenly spiked, the unit is likely running more than what you realize and it could mean there is something wrong.

Tips It’s Time to Repair an Air Conditioner

Just like symptoms for a cold or the flu or funny sound from your car, your air conditioner might be telling you something is wrong.

Before it becomes a bigger problem or before you really need your unit and it flat out isn’t working, it’s time to have your air conditioner checked out.

If your air conditioner is showing any of these signs. it’s time to call in the professionals for a check-up. Avoid having to repair an air conditioner that has a more serious problem and get it checked out today.

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