Is it Time to Change your Toilet Fill Valve?

Leaky Toilets are not only annoying but also a huge waste of water, causing hundreds of gallons of water wastage every day. That is not to forget about the increase in water bills, like a leak in your wallet, this is also a silent waste of money. The most common cause of a leaky toilet is without a doubt a faulty Toilet Fill Valve.

Fill valves are devices that regulate the water levels in your toilet. They are also called Ballcocks. Their purpose is to open and close the fill valve according to the water levels of the toilet. Flushing will empty the tank causing the float arm to drop, this opens the fill valve allowing the water to enter the tank from the supply line attached to the base.

You know that empty, ball-shaped plastic valve that you see floating on the flush water when you first remove the lid of your toilet flush, that is the one. Having a good quality, durable Toilet Fill Valve will save you from the annoyance and wastage and keep you stress-free. The good news, it is quite a simple maintenance errand you can run in just a few minutes.
Toilet Fill Valves

First, check if it is not the malfunctioning flush valve. There is a shank inside the tank which is not attached to the float. This tells you the overflow levels of the water. If the level is below the top of the tube, then you have a malfunctioning flush valve problem. But if the water is overflowing into the tube, then the problem lies with the Fill Valve malfunction.

It is a good idea to check for any water leaking around the bowl, if you find that to be the case then it could be either a constantly running toilet flapper or the toilet seal.

If you’ve identified the cause of the leak to be the fill valve, then its time to get a new one. Before fixing your toilet with a new toilet fill valve, it is important that you know the different types available and of course, our recommendations.

Plunger / Piston: These are the traditional ballcocks almost always made of brass.

Diaphragm: They are made either of brass or plastic. The main difference is that the plunger is replaced by a button

Floatless Type: Made out of plastic, they eliminate the use of ball and rod by sensing the pressure inside the tank. They are also smaller in size making them ideal for low profile tanks.

Float Cup: These newer type valves feature a float cup connected to a pull rod. The cups’ height is determined by a spring clip that turns the water on and off accordingly.
Fill Valve
The two companies most respected in the Plumbing industry are Korky and Fluidmaster. You must have come across their names if you’ve been researching valves and plumbing. We highly recommend going with either of them as we’ve had a great experience in the past with the valves by both these companies.

Equipped with this knowledge, we hope that not only will you be able to fix your leaky toilet but also play your part in eliminating water wastage and valuing this invaluable commodity.

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