Is it Possible to Mine Cryptocurrencies on an Android Device?

Is it Possible to Mine Cryptocurrencies on an Android Device?

Bitcoin is one of the best-known cryptocurrencies across the globe. The unique thing about cryptocurrencies is that these are mined and created or printed by governments. No intermediaries are involved in the working of cryptocurrencies. Many investors have a magnetic appeal towards cryptocurrency mining, and the best thing is that cryptocurrency mining is not only for people who have expensive hardware setups. Undoubtedly, some specific cryptocurrencies like bitcoin can only be mined using special equipment that some cryptocurrencies can be operated using Android smartphones.

Yes, it might seem shocking, but developers’ advanced technology and efforts have introduced us to Android apps or software that can help in mining cryptocurrencies. There are some top-notch Android applications dedicated to the mining process that can help you make money. Users need to complete a simple setup process, and they can use the calculator to estimate the daily earnings. Mining through an Android smartphone won’t make you rich, but it will surely help you earn a small amount of money through your Android smartphone’s processing power. 

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Install Android application for mining bitcoin

Many Android applications are available for mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but your device must be compatible enough. Some applications are reputable, and their demand is also not too taxing. For some apps like, your smartphone must have at least a higher version of Android software.

 Not only a higher version but around 30 free MB of space is also required on your smartphone. While using Android smartphones, there is always a risk of stealing your cryptocurrencies or changing your Android phone’s mining settings. You must use security protocols to secure your Android device and must reduce the risks involved. Users can also choose to encrypt their devices. 

Create an account on the mining application

You need to launch the application and check the options available of login or start mining. If you don’t have an account with the app, select the sign-up option, and the app will ask you to access your microphone and contacts. Users need to enter their email address in the email field and create a random and robust passphrase in the password field. It would be best if you used a unique password and secure your details at a place that no other person has access to, and no one can use it to change settings. 

Select the option of sign up and start the mining process. The app will want you to set a passcode for your wallet to authorize your account’s transfers and withdrawals. Enter a PIN that is random and memorable and repeat the PIN to confirm it. 

Start with the mining process.

You are now ready to start mining on your Android smartphone. The amount of money you’ll make through the mining process depends on your Android device’s processing power and, of course, the cost of electricity in your country. Suppose you want to mine cryptocurrencies with a smartphone. In that case, it is suggested to mine cryptocurrencies that are easier to mine because mining bitcoin is a complicated process and required specialized equipment to make profits. 

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Choose the cryptocurrency you want to mine from the main screen. Hash power of your device will appear, and you can select the CPU resources that you want to allocate to the mining process. 

Check if mining is profitable.

Many Android apps for mining have a built-in calculator that can help you calculate the amount of money you can make by mining cryptocurrencies through your Android device. The calculator is of not much use, but it will provide you a rough idea about your earnings and expenses as well. Select the menu and choose calculator, choose the hash power of your device. Choose the specific cryptocurrency that you are mining and then calculate. The calculator will predict your earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

Mining chat

Users are also provided with an option to use the app’s exciting yet unique feature for mining the chat feature. Through the mining chat feature, you can take the help of experienced miners, and they will also provide your assistance about making your mining process profitable. Choose the language from the main screen and choose the option ‘chat’. 

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