Is It Good To Have a Desk in Your Bedroom?

For many, a desk is one of the top “things not to place in your bedroom” for obvious reasons. Generally, a desk is where you get work done, and a bedroom is hardly conducive for such an activity.

Still, you might not have anywhere else to place your desk or think your bedroom has the perfect spot for it. In that case, there are far worse locations for a desk than a bedroom. Besides, when you actually know what area of the bedroom to place your desk in, you can still create a productive work-at-home situation.

So, what are your options for bedroom desk placement? Let’s look into these today. You might also want to check some really great desk selections on Stylish Desks to make this venture easier.

Where in the Bedroom To Place Your Desk

No matter the type of desk, be it vintage, L-shaped, or folding, there are ways to make it work in your bedroom. Situating your desk in the following bedroom areas could ensure optimal work-from-home scenarios:

Beside Your Bed

We know; this isn’t the first place you had in mind, but it does work for some people. Plus, small or large, it can be a struggle to find an optimal spot for your desk. So, you could end up wanting to place it next to the bed, and that’s okay.

Having a desk right next to your bed lets you experience the best of both worlds. You can go straight to work in pajamas, hop on the bed after deciding you need a break, or type something on the keyboard without having to walk a few steps to the opposite corner or go to another room. Trust us, that matters.

Then again, getting enough hours of sleep is pivotal to this arrangement since your bed could be a constant source of temptation or distraction when you don’t.

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Bed’s Opposite End

Ideally, there shouldn’t be anything within two feet of your bed on the sides and foot area. That’s so you can get on and off it with ease.

Though, if space truly isn’t an issue in your bedroom, you could place a desk opposite your bed. It will allow for various decor opportunities, such as hanging artwork, indoor plants, creative shelving, and other forms of visual interest that keep you inspired and productive.

If you can fold your bed into or against a wall, placing a desk on its opposite side could be even more advantageous. You get to have more space when the bed is positioned upright. This arrangement also divides your bedroom naturally without you having to resort to a screen or dividing curtain to split your space.

By the Window

The natural light coming through the window should make it an excellent spot for positioning your desk. These energizing and mood-boosting rays can fill you with heavy doses of positivity that can turn into increased productivity.

That said, if you’re easily distracted, a desk by the window can be more of a burden than a welcome idea. Anything going on outdoors can be a distraction when your focus isn’t on point.

Against a Wall

The nestled-by-a-wall arrangement is ideal when one can face away from the wall. Or, you can situate the desk next to a sidewall to remove the claustrophobia factor.

Your back shouldn’t be facing your bedroom’s entryway, so find ways to get creative with the setup. Consider a perpendicular desk placement, so you get a view of almost the entire room from your desk.

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The Closet Solution

If you’re struggling to get your desk out of the bedroom, your closet could probably help out. Hiding away your desk in the closet might reduce storage space, but it could be worth the cool mini-office you end up gaining from it. When it’s time for some shuteye, you can shut those closet doors to keep from staring at your work area while you sleep.

In a Corner

A corner usually isn’t the most popular spot for a desk, but it does hold some benefits. Sure, when done incorrectly, this arrangement could end up leaving you in a disconnect with the rest of the room.

To avoid this, position some plants around your desk. Plants are believed to have some significance for boosting wealth and productivity.

Should You Have a Desk in Your Bedroom: The Bottomline

For many, having an office desk at home is paramount. When placed in a separate home office, this desk could contribute heavily to an ideal work-from-home scenario. That said, not everyone has available space for a separate office.

If your bedroom is the only place to put your desk, don’t fret because these options help ensure you still end up with productive arrangements. Whether or not you’re a fan of working in your bedroom, you should find these placements beneficial in more ways than one.

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