Is Home Insulation As Important As People Say?

Home insulation is often considered less important than other home upgrades. In fact, people tend to avoid insulating their homes from financial considerations or simply because they don’t think it is necessary. This is entirely wrong – home insulation is actually paramount, and this is proven by a multitude of benefits of owning an insulated house. Walls that are not insulated, regardless of their type, are the main cause why the heated or cooled air in your house is lost, causing homeowners to double their spending at the end of the month. Here are some reasons that prove this point:


Improving energy-efficiency

The first benefit of insulating your home is related to how much energy you are going to save. If you heat your entire house and then all the heated air is lost because of the lack of insulation, you will pay more money to heat the house again and the temperature won’t be constant. The only way to maintain the house constantly heated or cooled is by having the thermostat or the air conditioning system going at all times.

This leads to a tremendous consumption of energy that will add up to the rest of the bills you have to pay at the end of the month. Financially, making the decision of investing money in home insulation will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Paying huge amounts of money on energy bills won’t lead you anywhere and is also bad for the environment. On average, a person saves $500 per year after insulating an entire, four-bedroom house.

Thermal comfort and health

The next benefit you should know about has to do with your health. By maintaining a constant temperature inside the house, the risk of mold growth is reduced to a minimum. Mold is usually present in houses that suffer dramatic changes in terms of temperature. With a well-insulated house, you don’t need to worry about having your health affected by the devastating properties of mold. Moreover, a constant temperature will offer you a higher degree of comfort and you may experience fewer colds during the winter or other affections that have to do with the cold and changes of temperature. Take into account that house insulation also keeps the house chilled during summer, not only hot during winter, as the walls no longer allow losses of conditioned air.

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Protecting the building from cracks

One major benefit of insulation that not many people know about is that it protects the entire building from damage through the years. For instance, a house that is well-insulated won’t crack as easy as one that isn’t. Because condensation and dampness are reduced, the strength of the walls is not affected in any way, making the construction more durable and safer to live in. You should consider that there are multiple types of insulation and you need to choose the types that are relevant to your own house. In order to determine what type of insulation would be appropriate for your house, contact EcoComfort attic insulators or other professionals who can determine that rapidly.

Rendering the outside appearance of the house

Insulation also has effects on the appearance of the house, especially on the outside. Certain types of insulation allow you to paint over them or even attach other materials to them. If you’d like to improve the outside look of the house while also keeping it secured, insulation is the best choice you have. You can paint the insulation panels in different ways or you can add tiles/brick to them. It all depends on your preferences and how you want your property to look like. The best part about insulation is that it combines both great aesthetics and great utility, which means you can tackle two different upgrades at once.

Encouraging sustainable practices

Because you will consume less energy, you are going to reduce the impact your household has on the environment. Reducing the carbon footprint has been the major goal in the past few years, both for individuals and companies. Well, insulation gives you the chance to contribute to sustainable actions by reducing your household’s environmental impact. Domestic homes are one of the reasons why emissions are released in the air, causing the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases are the ones which are responsible for climate change, in relation to global warming.

Increasing the value of the home

Another thing that may convince you to invest in insulation is related to increasing its value. If you are planning to sell the house soon, you may want to rethink the investments you make to prepare it for the sale. Even though the money you spend on getting the entire house insulated is considerable, the return on investment is going to be tremendous. Justifying the house’s price by adding the fact that the house has been recently renovated, including insulation, will surely convince people to put the building on their list.

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There are other types of upgrades that rapidly increase the house’s value as well, but insulation is the one that you should focus on at the moment. Keep in mind that the location of the house is also a paramount factor in selling it rapidly. If the geographical conditions in your area require insulation, most people will look for this feature when they are trying to buy a house, which will instantly place your property on the top of the list.

Getting a rebate

Finally, you should think about investing your savings budget on house insulation because you will get a considerable part of your money back if you apply to a rebate program. Rebate programs involve receiving a part of the investment back, just because you decided to make this improvement that is so helpful for the environment. The fact that insulation saves energy is very important in several parts of the world, and this is the main reason why they came up with rebate programs. See if your house qualifies for such a program in your country and don’t think twice about it.

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