Here’s How to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

A lot of you might be animal lovers but at the same time, find it difficult to maintain a place for the pets where they are comfortable enough. Pets could be the love of your lives and yet you might not have yet learned the steps to take care of these little balls of fur.

And even if you have managed to get your babies comfortable and warm, there might turn up a bunch of troubles that you would have to deal with, every day. However, it is not a thing to worry about. You can easily deal with this issue with some of the things that we have clubbed together in the following article.

Avoid having the wooden part of your furniture exposed

Animals generally have a habit of chewing on anything and everything. Kitties even cling or scratch of the wooden surface, ultimately damaging the whole outlook. You can also arrange for a wooden climbing pole for the furballs. This will not only give them a thing to occupy themselves in but also helps in distracting them from your furniture.

Give special attention to upholstery

Give special attention to upholstery

Upholstery cleaning in a house of pets might be a tough call, however, not impossible. You do need to keep in mind that the upholstery of your place should be made of tight fabric like synthetic leather or rubber. Fluffy and fancy upholstery acts like a magnet for pet hair and also catches stains very easily. However, if you are already troubled with pet stains on your favourite couch, you can simply use a strong dish wash solution or the various stain removal options available in the market.

Keep the flooring of the place less fancy: makes way for an easy cleanup

You need to ensure that your home does not have a lot of things lying around unnecessarily in the house. Textures and carpets on the floor make it extremely difficult to keep clean all the time. With all the mud and water that pets bring in and their urine stains, having no carpets on the floor makes it a lot easier to clean the mess.

Don’t let the kitchen waste pile up

Don’t let the kitchen waste pile up

Kitchen wastes can be a nuisance in themselves and pets could add up to the mess. Pets love playing with whatever they can lay their paws on and kitchen wastes look like a perfect dirty niche to play around in. So, make sure that you keep your kitchen platforms and bins as neat as possible.

Don’t be too nosy: let them have their own space

Just like human beings, animals also need to have a personal space so that they do not get frustrated. For this, you need to let them be free so that they do not have to feel suffocated in their own home. Along with ensuring proper hygiene and nutrition of your pet, you also need to ensure to not keep them in front of your eyes every time.

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