Interior Design Tips for Renters in the Capital


Interior Design Tips

If you are working in London, there’s a good chance you are renting. Sky-high house prices exclude all but the wealthiest from purchasing a property, and even on the outskirts, the prices are still beyond most.

Along with this, many people intend to work in the city for a limited period of time. They don’t want to experience life commuting in from outside, instead wanting to totally immerse themselves in the London-vibe, just a tube ride away from everything the big smoke has to offer.

That said, it’s nice to put your own stamp on where you live, so it really feels like home but living in rented accommodation can sometimes make that feel like an impossible task. That doesn’t need to be the case, though.

By following these interior design tips, you can live comfortably in your uniquely personalized home. Once it’s time to move on, no matter where you are renting, all that should be required is end of tenancy cleaning west London, east London, North or South.

Avoid Tampering with Walls

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When thinking of ways to personalize your space, you might feel inclined to start putting nails, screws, and hooks in the walls and dealing with the consequences later.

Think twice about this route, however, as it may contravene your tenancy agreement, not all landlords do allow it, and even if they do, the patch-up job up at the end, filling holes and matching paintwork might prove beyond you, and you will either need to pay a professional to put it right or risk losing your deposit.

To avoid this headache, opt for free-standing items like over-sized mirrors, which you simply lean against the wall – a huge trend right now – and choose low-level furniture such as bookshelves and units, which won’t require fixing to the wall. A mid-century furniture is a great option here.

Soft Furnishings

The careful application of soft furnishings can have a huge impact on a space, both reflecting your design taste and making a room feel more cozy and inviting.

Landlords generally decorate using a neutral color palette that offers the perfect backdrop to add your personality through curtains, throws, cushions, rugs, and bedding. Colour-scheme and style are left to your preferences and can be easily changed whenever you feel like an update.

Statement Pieces

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The items which really do the talking in any interior design scheme are statement pieces that you can utilize whether you rent or own.

For those on a budget, keep an eye out in charity shops, antique shops, and online for second-hand pieces with impact. Think about retro cabinets, impactful artworks, and unusual light-fittings.

If you have some cash to splash, invest in an eye-catching sofa in daring colors and fabrics such as green velvet, currently in high demand.

So if you haven’t made it onto the property ladder, it doesn’t mean your interior style needs to suffer. Let your creativity flow with the things you are able to influence and see the plain walls and floors of your rented property as a blank canvas waiting for your design genius to bring the place to life.

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