How to Care for Your Outdoor Furniture: 5 Tips

We look for the heavily advertised brands and pay excessive prices to enhance the beauty of our lawns. Most of us blame the quality of outdoor furniture when it expires before time. Poor quality or construction is not always the problem, sometimes reckless behavior and lack of care can also lead to expiration. We understand, in this fast-paced world, it’s hard to even stick to one’s beauty routine how taxing furniture care would be? So, we have developed a few easy-to-follow tips for you to maintain outdoor furniture.

  • Say yes to covers
  • Consider using DIY cleaners
  • Try brushing off the dirt once a week
  • Invest in some furniture sunscreens
  • Place it where the sun only appears for a few hours

Say yes to covers

Since the outdoor furniture has to bear the sun, the shade, and the rain so it’s better to keep it covered when not in use. Covers would not only protect the furniture from dust and debris build-up but would greatly help in keeping the color intact.

Consider using DIY cleaners

DIY cleaners are a great way to keep commercial outdoor furniture clean and healthy for a longer time. They are cheap, effective, and super easy to make. You can make one for your outdoor furniture using ¼ cup of ammonia, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, and 1 quart of water. Wipe off the dirt or debris using this cleaner at least once or week. If the suggested time is difficult to manage, thoroughly clean the furniture whenever you have time. Even cleaning once a week would help you in maintaining your outdoor furniture well.

Try brushing off the dirt once a week


If you try to brush off the dirt every single day, just having the covers and a thorough brushing would be enough to add more years to the outdoor furniture’s life. If it’s hard to manage, you can brush it off once a week, it would “really” bring down the dust and debris buildup.

Invest in some furniture sunscreens

Sun does not just damage our skin it harms everything that is exposed to it for a long time. You need sunscreen especially if the furniture is made from wood as wooden furniture gets affected by the sun the most. The other materials, if they are not overexposed, can be saved with thick covers. However, for wooden furniture, covers are just not enough.  So, it’s recommended not to invest in some good furniture sunscreens and apply it as suggested on the packing.

Place it where the sun only appears for a few hours


Placing it at the right place would also help your furniture in lasting longer than your expectations.  Find a corner where the sun shows up only for a few hours. It would bring down the damage and the sunscreen cost to a great extent.

In brief, you can prevent your outdoor furniture from aging by making a DIY furniture cleaner, brushing off the dirt, and investing in covers, and sunscreen.

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