11 Must – Have Countertop and Specialty Kitchen Appliances


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We all know that appliances make our life easier. It is more evident when we are in the kitchen where these appliances save our precious time and effort. Out of all those appliances, the countertop and specialty kitchen appliances have their own significance. If you are having difficulty to choose a particular small kitchen appliance, just think about how this particular device can fit into your kitchen.  For instance, if you eat a lot of bread than a bread maker will be a good addition to your kitchen. Here are some of the best countertop and specialty kitchen appliances that you can consider…

1. Slow Cookers

Slow cookers definitely solve a lot of cooking problems, you can ask anyone. Let’s discuss a scenario, you are going out for all day and want a great hot meal when you arrive home. You can just throw all the required ingredients in a slow cooker before leaving out, set it, and be on your way. These slow cookers are great for stews, one-pot meals, and potluck dinners. You can also use it for backyard barbecue if the slow cooker has removable stoneware inserts.

2. Juicer Blenders


Believe us when we say that your kitchen needs a twin gear juicer and a juicer for leafy greens. A juicer blender is a must if you are a smoothie person. There is a lot you can do with a juicer and blender. These high-powered machines can reduce whole fruits into delicious smoothies within no time. They are not just great for frozen margaritas but also for veggies, nutritious soup and ice crushing for syrupy cones. If you love countertop kitchen appliances like blenders and juicers, you would surely love to visit the Best Product Hunter.

3. Coffee Makers

Coffee is more than a lifestyle to many of us. For that matter, a kitchen requires a coffee maker much more. It also makes sense if you take a lot of coffee every day than an automatic coffee maker is a must for you. If you get a programmable model of a coffee maker, it will solve a lot of problems for you. You can set it at night and wake up in the morning to a freshly brewed and stored drip coffee. The modern coffee makers don’t require a hot plate as they have the thermal carafe.

4. Toaster Ovens


If there is space to spare at the countertop of your kitchen, you would most definitely love to fill it with a good convection-powered space oven. It is a luxury to have a toaster oven as it offers so much flexibility beyond simply reheating of food and making toasts. Toaster oven can bake cookies, pizza, pies, and cakes without heating up the entire kitchen. It gets fully preheated in about 5 minutes and provides extra cooking space to you.

5. Soda Makers

A soda maker becomes a must-have appliance if your lifestyle is to reduce sugar and sodium. These units generates freshly-made flavored sodas with much less additives than mass-marketed products. You can also find non-electric soda makers easily. This appliance uses refillable carbon dioxide canisters that usually makes 50 liters of soda. If you’re having issues with your sodastream, you can often find solutions online. Most useful troubleshooting sodastream fixing tips are either related to the CO2 canister, or the flavor concentrate. If the issue you’re having is related to the flavor concentrate, try cleaning the soda maker and starting over with a new canister. On the other hand, if your issue is related to the CO2 canister, make sure that it is properly inserted into the soda maker. If that does not fix the issue, you may need to get a replacement canister from sodastream or a third-party vendor.

6. Steam Ovens


Steams ovens are a great example of specialty appliances that are becoming immensely popular these days. They promote the concept of healthy eating without any harmful fats and oils involved. These ovens requires no unhealthy additions, fats, or oils for preparing a meal. Steams ovens are just about the size of a microwave oven that can be fitted into a wall cabinet. You can steam veggies, roasts, and fish easily in steam ovens. They also keep cooked foods warm and moist, and even proof bread dough.

7. Induction Cooktops

An induction cooker or cooktop is an electrical appliance used to heat cooking vessels that are ferrous. It is opposed to generate heat by the burner itself, resultantly, you get a fast, precise, and energy efficient appliance. You can also opt for smaller built-in models or counter-top versions if you want to experiment with this appliance first.

8. Warming Drawers


Warming drawers have seen a big surge over the past few years. It is a versatile appliance that can be used for many purposes. You can use it to keep the foods warm, proof bread dough, warm plates and coffee cups, and much more. Warming drawer usually has a temperature range from 90°F – 250°F. These built-in units are priceless when you use them to entertain a large gathering as they free up valuable space in the kitchen.

9. Mini Electric Smokers

Mini electric smokers are also a special piece of kitchen appliances. The best way to use them is in the backyard of your home but some models can also be used in the kitchen. They are becoming extremely popular in the modern times as you can cook so many things in them with ease. Having an awesome electric smoker in your kitchen proves invaluable especially if you are a barbecue fan. They are also great for smoking variety of foods, and roasts. You really need to have those in your kitchen and you’ll not regret it.

10. Beverage Centers

A beverage center is a family-friendly appliance unlike many other appliances of the same type. It is home to chilled cans and bottles of juice, soda, water, and beer kept at desired drinking temperatures. They are a part of recent homeowner trends as the people like to have these installed as close to the living area as possible so the drinks are convenient. You can even install them in the family room or wherever you like for ultimate convenience.

11. Speed Ovens


Speed ovens again are another great specialty appliance that people love to have nowadays. These have been immensely popular in Europe for a long time and now establishing the roots in the other parts of the world. They are a combination of convection and microwave technology, all in one appliance, that drastically reduces the cooking times and home energy consumption. Aesthetically, they might feel like the old conventional built-in microwave oven, they are far more versatile than those. You can use the speed ovens to bake, brown, grill, and roast a meal to perfection.

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