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Information Regarding Calgary Fire Pits

A fire pit in Calgary means a warm and welcoming ambiance for family, friends or guests. The warmth fills the air as people sit around fire pits enjoying their evening. For some it is the crackling of wood, while for others it is the dancing flames. No matter what kind of fire pit you choose, it will surely bring joy to Calgues. Calgary has many fire pit choices so you are bound to find one that suits your taste and budget. Whether it is for a party with a few close friends or on your own, it is sure to please.

One major rule of fire pits is that they must be placed away from power lines. The bylaw states that individuals are allowed to own and operate portable fire pits but they cannot be installed on power lines. Of course, most people don’t have a problem with that, but for those who do this may not be able to use their outdoor pit at night. Another important detail that is stated in the fire pit bylaw in Calgary is that no fire pit in Calgary may contain gas or flammable liquids.

Fire Pit Bylaw

Fire Pit Bylaw

The fire pit bylaw states that all fireplaces used by residents of Calgary are required to have a permit. This is necessary to ensure that the fire pit does not cause harm to people or damage the property of neighbors. All permits are inspected before they are issued. The fire pit owner must ensure that the license is kept current and in good condition. Any violation of the fire pit bylaw can result in fines and possible jail time.

There are also a number of bylaws that pertain to the city of Calgary properties. For example, one of the fire pit bylaws states that backyard fire pits must be located 18 inches from any electrical wire, water line or another utility line. This bylaw was created to make sure that people are not using the fire pit to run commercial electrical lines. The city of Calgary is always diligent about preventing the violation of its bylaws.


Some other fire pit bylaw restrictions in Calgary for backyard fire pits include the fact that no fire pit shall be placed on a public sidewalk or within twenty-five feet of a public park. If you are wondering how this restriction is enforced, the answer is simple. If you have a fire pit in Calgary, you cannot place it on a public sidewalk or within twenty-five feet of a park. If you follow these bylaws, many dog owners will actually be able to enjoy their backyard fire pits and their dog’s company without any problems.

By spending just a little bit of time researching the fire bylaw definitions foundin Calgary, you will learn that the city of Calgary wants to make sure that the bylaws that exist to protect the people of Calgary and keep them safe. They do this through the posting of certain laws and by regulating various aspects of businesses and events that take place in the city of Calgary. In addition, by making it illegal to use a fire pit in Calgary, they hope to discourage the irresponsible use of fire pits by both animal owners and responsible pet owners. The city of Calgary also realizes that by banning all outdoor fires, they are also limiting the types of events that take place in the city and restrict its citizens from enjoying the outdoor activities.

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