Increase the Efficiency, Security of Your Garage with a “Man Door”


Increase the Efficiency and Security of Your Garage 1

Unlike ages ago when garages used to be solely dedicated to vehicle storage, recent years have seen garage spaces evolve to become multifaceted rooms. Today, many homeowners use the garage as storage space for unused furniture, landscaping equipment, woodworking tools, and even family keepsakes among other things. Many people also turn part of their garage space into a workshop.

To such homeowners, this also means an increased need to access the garage, which can be a bit hectic if you have to roll up the entire door whenever making your way to the garage. With efficiency and security issues in mind, read on to discover how adding a man door to your garage can benefit you.

Increase the Efficiency and Security of Your Garage 2

What Is A Garage Man Door? 

Just as the name suggests, a man door simply means a door that’s cut into the garage door to specifically allow easy entry and exit in and out of the garage without having to go through the main garage door. Besides spending less effort entering the garage, (for manual garage doors) a man door can benefit you as a homeowner in several other ways.

How a Man Door Can Benefit Your Garage (And Home)

Especially if you are the kind of homeowner who depends on the garage for more purposes than just storage space for your car, you may have more than a few reasons to install a man door. 

Some of the benefits you can enjoy from having a garage man door include:

1. Convenience of Access: 

Assuming you have an automatic garage door, it can be incredibly torturous to gain entry to your garage space during a power outage. As much as you might not be able to get your car inside or outside, having a man door can allow you instant access when you badly need something from your storage space.

2. Enhanced Garage Security 

A man door can be a great way to increase the security of your garage. It allows you to keep the main door closed and locked while still allowing you an easy way in and out of the garage. This is especially if the installation is done by a professional, and that quality security hardware is used, from the locks to the knobs.

Types of Man Door Knobs and Security Locks 

Man door knobs literally function like an exit device, and come in a variety of styles and finishes to match the décor of any home. There are also a variety of security locks available to keep your home safe from intruders.

Some of the most common types of man door knobs include the traditional round knob, lever style, and thumb turn style knobs. Available in finishes like brass, chrome, and bronze, these knobs also have a range of security locks to match, including deadbolts and keyed locks.

Increase the Efficiency and Security of Your Garage 1

3. Garage Door Efficiency and Durability 

As earlier hinted, a man door for your garage significantly reduces the need to operate the main door. This may eventually translate into a reduction of wear and tear, thus keeping the need for garage door repair and the associated costs low. 

It helps keep the main garage door working efficiently. And considering that wear and tear from constant use is among the common reasons garage doors fail, having a man door can actually help increase your garage door’s longevity.

4. Ventilation and Heating: 

In the summer months, it can be nice to have a man door open for ventilation. This way, you can keep your garage cool without having to open your main garage door, which would mean letting more heat in. 

From the same perspective, a man door can help conserve heat during the chilly months of winter, probably enough to keep you from spending so much on winter heating bills.

Having a man door installed is certainly a good investment in terms of improving your garage safety. It can help to greatly reduce the wear and tear on your garage door and improve its longevity, while also enhancing the ease of access into your garage.

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