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Improvements to Make Prior to Having Your Residence Listed for Sale

Improvements to Make Prior to Having Your Residence Listed for Sale

When you’re planning to put your property on the market soon, it’s time to make some improvements and clean up areas that haven’t seen much attention recently. When looking around, you’re sure to find spots that need some TLC.

Here are a few suggested improvements to get you started.

Paint the Exterior Walls

If you’re anything like most homeowners, the exterior of your property gets considerably less love than the interior does. And that’s okay most of the time. Except when you’re planning to list your property soon.

Choose a lighter or neutral color for your exterior walls if you want to change the shade that’s present already. Don’t try to do anything too fancy. Simple works pretty well when it comes exterior appearances.

When you’re up on a ladder painting each wall, you’ll need some Guardian fall protection equipment to keep you safe. Look for a company that sells safety harnesses and a host of other equipment to help avoid a fall. Too many people get a serious injury falling off a ladder while performing home improvements. Don’t be one of those people because you were trying to save a bit of money. If you have an accident, you’ll lose far more.

Make the Garden More Presentable

Make the Garden More Presentable

Getting the garden into shape won’t take that long unless it’s been left for many months unattended. Start by cleaning up any leaves from the fall and brushing away twigs or odd branches on the ground. If there’s a patio, clean it and spray it down.

Mow the lawn. Take your time to get it done right.

Go around the garden to check for any plants that haven’t survived. Remove them even if it leaves just the soil behind. It still looks better. Also, remove any weeds that have grown in since the last time you worked in the garden.

Declutter to Make the Rooms Look Spacious

The idea with decluttering before the sale is to let visitors during an open house or private showing see how large the rooms are. The more furniture is contained in each room, the more cramped they’ll appear. It doesn’t matter if they have the specifications of each room on a printout, they’ll still see the home as smaller than it really is.

If you’re able to remove items from the room to clear it out completely, do so. If not, use some boxes to collect items and move them to one side. This creates some space to work with. Look through everything to see what can be removed or sold off.

Bear in mind that while viewers don’t mind a ‘lived in’ feel, they don’t enjoy a cluttered look. As you’re moving anyway, pack away items that you don’t mind not seeing for a while and remove them. It’s likely you’ll forget all about them until moving day.

Sorting out your home before having a realtor come around is a great way to get them more enthusiastic about the property. They might even increase the listing price because their first impression was so good.

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