Important Things You Need to Know When Relocating to Virginia

Virginia is a beautiful state to live in and is known for its high-quality education and a very repeatable job market that supports just about any profession you can think of. It is therefore not a surprise that people would want to relocate there. It is a mix of everything across all aspects of life and society. If you have been thinking of relocating to the state of Virginia, the following are some of the things you need to know about the place.

Good Beaches

Virginia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. It may not have a long coastline like California, but the little that exists has more than enough for a good time. The beaches would come in handy for people with families where you can go spend the whole day together, playing in the clean sandy beaches that are lined by many shops that sell all kinds of unique things that you can get as souvenirs.

Good Education

Virginia is well known around the academic circles as a center of educational excellence. Some of the best universities in the nations are found in that state, which plays a massive role in attracting people from all over the country. Moving to Virginia would be a great decision to make if you have a family and wish to give your children the best chance in life with a decent education. One of the best universities in the state is the University of Virginia, founded by the famous Thomas Jefferson. The tuition fees are also among the lowest, thanks to great discounts, especially if your child has good grades.

Military Bases

Virginia is home to 27 military bases, which is good if you come from a military family, you can always have a place close to your home that offers military training if you have future plans of serving. This is also another boost in terms of security; you are assured of help in times of natural disasters or attacks if they ever happen. Combined with the rich history, you will be in for a treat of your life as you can check out all the bases as you explore the state. Virginia is home to Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, John Tyler,  Henry Harrison, Woodrow Wilson, and James Monroe, all former presidents of the United States.

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Great Recreational Facilities

From beautiful gardens full of all kinds of plants and ponds to recreational parks, playgrounds, and amusement parks, you will never have a single boring moment when you relocate to Virginia. Your kids will have more than enough places for playing and developing themselves as they grow up. You will also have enough activities to do during weekends, a chance for you and your family, if you have any, to bond and find common things to do together.

Great Food 

Virginia is a mix of cultures and one of the few places where people from all regions meet and blend with each other. This is best manifested in the culinary options available. You will be treated to a number of great foods from great restaurants. You can sample all the culinary delights from both the Southern regions and the Northern sides. Most of the food is also produced locally, which means you will have healthy options to choose from too, something that is these days.

Heavy Traffic

On the negative side, traffic in Virginia is hell, especially if you live around urban centers with a high population. The roads are great, but the number of cars is simply overwhelming, and you could spend hours on the road during rush hour. If the daily commute is your bread and butter, then you will have to be in the habit of checking for traffic updates regularly to know which roads to avoid. Otherwise you will find yourself arriving late for everything.

High Cost of Living

The many amenities, the rich history, and the military bases come at a cost. Things are not cheap in Virginia. From rent to food, if you are moving to Virginia for a job, you will quickly realise that the cost of living is pretty high. There’s the option of residing in the rural areas where it is cheaper, but that means doing very long commutes to work in the cities every day, and when you consider the heavy traffic, that becomes another problem. If you choose to move to this state, make sure you have enough in your bank account to hold you up for a while before you ease into that Virginia life.

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Tough Laws

Did you know it is illegal to swear at another person in the state of Virginia? Swearing is regarded as a misdemeanor punishable by law and can attract a hefty fine of $250, which is costly. Therefore, if you are the type that loves letting loose and speaking their mind in the strongest of words, you may want to watch your words and tone once you cross the state lines and get into Virginia. Most of the urban centers are littered with signs warning people not to swear just to ensure that the message is received loud and clear.

Unpredictable Weather

Virginia weather is highly unpredictable, the summers are hot, and the winters are cold, but in between there, anything can happen. You could experience a huge 30-degree temperature shift in a single day, going from a sweltering hot morning to a freeing afternoon in a matter of hours. This means you have to be on the alert with your weather updates at all times and prepare for emergencies by carrying warm clothes in your car, just in case the weather decides to pull a fast one on you.


Virginia is a beautiful state with a rich history, and anyone who gets a chance to relocate there should not think twice. It may have some challenges, but they are things anyone can handle. If you are planning to move then, you need significant funds, a good plan, and the contacts of the best moving company in Alexandria VA.

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