Ideas to Keep Air Ducts Clean: User-friendly Guide

Do you want to keep your home free from dust and allergens? You have clean vents and air ducts. Unfortunately, these are often overlooked by homeowners and result in pollutants in indoor air. If you want to improve the quality of indoor air, you must consider Air Duct Cleaning Services.

Right Time to Clean Air Ducts and Vents

  • As per EPA (Environment Protection Agency), vents and air ducts must be cleaned periodically.
  • These are some signs to find out if your air ducts need cleaning.
  • Presence of visible and substantial mold growth in the ducts and components of the cooling system
  • Excessive debris and dust in air ducts
  • Debris and dust are released in your home through supply ducts

Besides these reasons, air duct cleaning can increase the efficiency of air conditioning and heating system. It is an excellent way to decrease repair costs and energy bills. For your convenience, here are some tips to keep air ducts clean.

Professional Help

Man cleaning air ducts in home.

For air duct cleaning, you will always need reliable and professional cleaning services. The whole system (not only peripheral parts) must be cleaned. Some duct cleaning services only clean peripheral parts. Remember, you will need professionals to decrease the chances of shoddy obs.

To decrease energy bills, you have to keep the vital parts of air conditioning and heating system clean. These parts are filters, cooling coils, heat exchangers, fans, ducts, vents, etc.

Use Good Filters

You will need highly efficient filters for cooling and heating system. These filters can prevent the accumulation of debris and dust inside. Episodic cleaning is always a good idea. Filters must be changed frequently if not working.

Remember, you can’t use cooling or heating system without filters. These are necessary to stop debris and dust particles from the air. Air can bring some dust particles, and these are dangerous for the performance of your cooling and heating system.

Protect Your Appliances from Dust

The return and supply registers must be sealed before any renovation work in your home. Construction and renovation process brings a considerable amount of dust. This dust is dangerous for your air ducts. After completing the renovation work, you can clean up the whole cooling and heating system.
Protect Your Appliances from Dust
Use HEPA cleaners to remove dust from your home. With regular vacuuming, you can restrict the entry of dust particles in air ducts.

Moisture Free

It is essential to keep air ducts moisture-free. Remember, humidity in air ducts may lead to consistent growth of mold spores and molds. Molds can increase the chances of allergic reactions in numerous people. Try to keep air ducts moisture-free.

Any water damage or leak must be immediately repaired. Proper insulation of cooling and heating system is necessary to prevent condensation of water. A thorough cleaning must include the cleaning of insider the duct, all registers and interior of ventilating and heating system.

A furnace with heat or air conditioning pump must be cleaned thoroughly. After cleaning, make sure to fog a disinfectant through the system to eliminate dust mites, bacteria, and mold.

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