Ideas for Optimizing Space – Commercial Sliding Glass Walls

Ideas for Optimizing Space

Offices have gotten a makeover in the past few years. Gone are the days of white-washed rooms and boring offices. The following ideas will transform any office optimizing space as much as possible:

1. Embrace the Open Layout

While offices of the past have championed separating offices and spaces, this isn’t the best way to optimize the available space. By opting for the open layout model that’s popular with startups the world over, employees and employers alike will be able to move freely, work more collaboratively, and have an overall more open environment in the workplace.
Embrace the Open Layout

2. Use Sliding Walls

Sliding doors and walls help to optimize the space in an office. As they can easily separate offices onto the smaller section, they can maximize their versatility instantly and make a smaller office larger by opening up the layout. This trend in office planning is a welcome change to the standard white wall model or cubicle. With the freedom to move these commercial sliding glass walls, workers are able to feel more at ease in their office space.

3. Minimize Furniture

Less furniture on the floor means more space to maneuver in. Going the minimalistic route in the office trades excessively bulky furniture for sleeker, space-saving solutions. For example, opting to replace larger desks with tables that have tech integrations will make it easier for employees to get to work without the hassle of messy cords and unnecessarily clunky furniture.

4. Get Rid of Rugs

Get Rid of Rugs
While rugs may seem as though they have no effect on the amount of space in an office, rugs can visually make space appear smaller than it is. With wall-to-wall carpeting, tiling, or wood flooring, an office will appear to have more floor space. Moreover, without rugs dotting the floor, it’s easier to clean flooring without rugs in the way.

5. Maximize Natural Lighting

Natural light makes a room feel bigger. Offices hoping to optimize the available space should make the most of their window views. From switching out bulky window treatments to rearranging furniture to let the most amount of light stream into the building, with more access to natural lighting and outdoor views, any office will feel larger than life.

6. Opt for Built-In Appliance

Larger appliances can make a room feel smaller than it is. From industrial-sized printers and scanners to the fridges and microwaves in the break room, these appliances can take up more space than necessary. By opting for built-in appliances, office managers can free up a significant amount of space. These camouflaged appliances are easy to access without robbing the office of its valuable floor space.
Opt for Built-In Appliance

7. Go Vertical with Storage Solutions

Effective storage solutions are another way to make any space feel bigger. In the office, items like extra supplies and replacement equipment should be well organized in storage to avoid taking up space. One of the best ways to make the most of this storage solution is to hang them vertically. Whether these items are stored in cubbies along the wall or are hanging safely from the ceiling, choosing to go vertical frees up floor space quite nicely.

Space in the office is a commodity. Take advantage of space in a big way by applying the aforementioned ideas to the workplace.

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