Human Hair Lace Front Wig: All you Need to Know

Human Hair Lace Front Wig: All you Need to Know

Wigs have indeed revolutionized the world of hair fashion, and as such, naturality is now the sole focus. Many years ago, ladies subscribed to using synthetic-made hair wigs and fixations to make their hair more charming and attractive.

On the contrary, naturalness tended to be the way forward as it outlived artificial hairstyling and fashion. There are now numerous human hair wigs on the market, and given their natural feature, they are mostly preferred. Human hair wigs look exactly like your natural hair, and they can be easily maintained and styled to suit your facial shape, complexion, and attire.

However, in this article, we shall be solely discussing the human hair lace front wig and all you should know about it.


Human hair lace front wigs are hair attachments that are specifically made with a closure (which is a sort of hairpiece that is quite similar to your natural scalp), which is sewn on the crown of the wig cap. This type of human hair wig is designed in such a way that it can be parted at the front in two ways.

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They also have tracks sewn on the back of the wig cap, and it extends from ear to ear. More so, human hair lace front wigs come in several colors. This gives you a wide range of alternatives to choose from and various types of selection that are a perfect match for your personality as a lady.

Like all human hair wigs, it can be easily maintained. The care you give your natural hair is the same for this type of wigs, and its durability and charm are preserved if well-maintained. You can modify the human hair lace front wigs by dyeing, styling, and the likes. This gives room for flexibility and also to rock different hairstyles for different outings or occasions.

It is quite ideal as it gives a hairline that is quite natural and long-lasting.


  • Light weight

When compared to the weight of a full lace wig pack, the pre-plucked human hair lace front wigs are lighter. This ensures convenience as ladies will be quite comfortable wearing a light hair fixation. With it, they can rock a charming style without sacrificing their comfort.

  • Easy Installation

Given the fact the human hair lace front wigs come with a piece of lace frontal closure, installing it will be relatively easier. Moreover, it is recommended for lace wig beginners, given its easy installation.

  • Inexpensive

If you are on a low budget, but still looking for the best human hair wigs to purchase on the market, the human hair lace front wig is the best option. It is quite cheap. Buying a sum of 100 is less expensive than full lace wigs that come with baby hair.

  • Numerous Styles

With the human hair lace front wig, you can virtually achieve many hairstyles that suit your personality. You can middle part, side part, or you can allow it to fall behind. It is all up to you to decide which fits you.

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If you are familiar with human hair lace front wigs, you’ll observe that there is always a small lace panel present at the hairline just in front of the wig. The strands of hairs are hand-sewn directly into the perforated parts of the lace. Some people could use a Swiss lace while others may prefer an undetectable lace that will blend with the wig wearers’ skin.

However, the human hair wig cap is usually made from a durable material that wouldn’t wear or tear easily. This is one of the reasons why human hair lace front wigs are easy to install. They are made to give the wearer beauty and comfort. More so, they are stretchy and could fit anyone due to the original caps they are made with.

The finishing product gives you an exceptional and seamless hairline that looks just like your natural hair. It could be a straight, curly, or wavy human hair lace front wig.

Most of them come as ready-to-wear wigs, so they don’t require any form of customization. They are also made with straps and combs attached to the back. Thus, you can wear them confidently without worrying that your wig may fall off.


  • Straight lace front human hair wigs

The straight human hair lace front wigs are silky straight wigs that are made from 100% natural human hair. So, they do not shred, smell, or tangle. They are soft to the touch.

Moreover, these quality human hair wigs mostly come in a natural black color. Still, there are also a variety of colors to select from if black isn’t your style. Besides, they are made with adjustable straps, so they grip your head well and can be adjusted to fit different head sizes.

Straight human hair lace front wigs come in various length sizes. There are shorter ones that just stop at your shoulders or your chin, and there are longer ones that go below your back. It all depends on which you prefer.

However, these wigs can be bleached or dyed to your taste. Due to their softness, you can style them as you like. They can be woven, curled, and parted easily.

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  • Curly lace front human hair wigs

Curly human hair lace front wigs are beautiful wigs with a wavy texture. These wigs are made from a 100% quality human hair wig, and just like other natural human hair wigs, they do not tangle or shred.

More so, they could come in any hair type ranging from the Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, and Brazilian. You can make your selections from the one that suits you.

Additionally, most of them come as pre-plucked human hair wigs. What this means is that their baby hairs have already been plucked and look thin and natural as ever.

The curly human hair lace front wigs also come in various lengths/inch. You can get any length size you want and style them easily.

  • Wavy lace front human hair wigs

Most wavy human hair lace front wigs are also referred to as water wave wigs. They are quality human hair wigs that can also be dyed or bleached as you like.

However, these wigs are comfortable to wear as they are made with adjustable straps that ensure that they grip your head tightly. The wavy human hair lace front wig can also be washed conveniently and still maintain its wavy nature.

They also come in various length sizes, so you always get the one you fancy. Also, these wigs are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Moreover, they are full and thick, and you can style them easily.


In summary, human hair lace front wigs are one of the best human hair wigs on the market, given its excellent features. It is cheap, exquisite, and, most importantly, natural.

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