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How Your Work Environment Impacts Your Productivity

A lot of time and resources go into figuring out ways to boost productivity, whether for ourselves or our employees. We invest in essential amenities, equipment, applications, training and rewards. However, we often overlook one of the most important factors affecting output.

It should come as no surprise that our work environment can either promote a vigorous work ethic, or discourage it. This is the place we spend most of our day. It should be comfortable and motivating. It should make us feel happy and energized rather than tired and stressed. So, it’s important to make it work for us in order for us to do our best work. 

To ensure that your workspace is more conducive to concentration, creativity and job satisfaction, there are a few elements you should consider:


Your work environment should be able to provide you with good lighting from both natural and artificial sources. If there’s not enough light, it’s hard to work due to eyestrain and headache. Insufficient lighting can also make us lethargic and distracted. Meanwhile, harsh lighting may result in unnecessary glare on screens, migraines and general irritation.

It’ll be great if your workplace has large windows that allows natural light in. According to Cornell’s Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, 84% of employees experienced less eyestrain, blurred vision symptoms, and headaches when they worked near a window.

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Experts have suggested that the ideal workplace temperature should be 71.6°F (22°C). This is suitable to encourage productivity among employees. Any colder than that can cause health issues. But if it’s too hot, people will lose motivation and their ability to focus. They are also likely to become irritable.

So, air conditioning systems should be working properly and well-maintained. This can also improve the air circulation on the floor. Poor air quality can reduce employees’ energy levels, making them unable to efficiently complete their tasks. 


Workplace noise can be in the form of loud voices or occasional sounds that came from out of nowhere. Constant exposure to these kinds of noises can cause a lot of stress. They also reduce productivity as they distract you from your tasks. 

Music is a debatable matter. Some work well with it while others don’t. There are people who find that they are better motivated when they listen to music as they work. To cater to everyone, offices and workspaces can provide soundproof booths or noise-cancelling headphones.

Color scheme

It has long been studied that color can influence our behavior and moods. It can even affect how we make our decisions. So, it’s not surprising that it can also impact our productivity. Most traditional offices make the mistake of using the safest colors in the color wheel – neutral tones like white, gray, and beige. However, these colors are related to feelings of sadness.

To encourage people to work hard, low- and medium-wavelength colors should be used to paint the walls and decorate the workspace. These colors are blue, green, and yellow. They encourage a sense of happiness and enhance focus and creativity. Meanwhile, colors like red can boost energy but can also increase stress levels.

Color scheme


People prefer to have a lot of space. If an office is too unorganized and cramped, employees won’t be able to navigate from one place to another easily. Also, they will have a hard time finding things they need. This will affect their productivity and mood. 

Having adequate space can solve this. It will also be helpful if there are different rooms for specific purposes – a private space to take phone calls, a meeting space where teams can exchange ideas, and a lounge area where people can relax away from their screens.

Well-designed co-working spaces like The Farm SoHo have taken all these elements into account. Located in the heart of Manhattan, The Farm SoHo was built using materials from a century-old barn from the farmlands of Missouri, creating an organic design that brings members back to nature. It also has bespoke wooden furniture and 9-ft windows that result in a relaxing vibe and ideal lighting conditions.

The Farm SoHo brings together a range of entrepreneurs, startups, remote employees, and freelancers in one place. This is the most crucial element of a productive work environment – being surrounded by like-minded people, helping you to stay focused and providing a variety of opportunities for successful collaboration.

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