How Top Energy Efficient Air Conditioners Impact the Air Conditioning Repair in Texas

When purchasing a new AC unit, homeowners are eager to pick out their choice foremost by comparing the energy efficiency quotient of the air conditioner. It is understandable why they would prefer to go for energy-efficient units rather than going by brand.

Energy-efficient air conditioning units provide benefits like high performance, lower utility bills, Smart functionality with high-grade performance and low carbon footprint. In the Texan region, investing in an energy-efficient cooling system would be an ideal decision.

It is essential to pick out a suitable cooling system for your home keeping in mind the hours of use, the weather conditions as well as the home indoor and outdoor atmospheres. You most certainly do not want to end up with a unit that under-cools or over-cools your living space. In either case, you will find yourself paying extra down the line for the top Air Conditioning Repair Tomball TX since you are most likely unable to make productive use of the cooling unit.

Understanding the Home Energy Efficiency Ratio

To determine how efficiently your HVAC unit operates, you will have to understand the Energy Efficiency Ratio. Higher EER values indicate more efficiency, which in turn implies less maintaining, repairing or operating costs, with the added incentive of comfortable and consistent home space temperatures all through the season.


Calculating the EER

The Energy Efficiency Ratio of any unit is the ratio of the cooling energy to the amount of energy required to power the unit. The cooling energy in an Air conditioner represents the amount of energy utilized or required to raise the temperature of a pound of water by a Fahrenheit. This value is always measured in British Thermal Units (BTU).

The Wattage values and the BTU values are provided by the Manufacturer on the AC unit. Any unit with an EER of 12 and above is energy efficient.

Determining the EER and then purchasing a cooling unit accordingly is the most preferred option if you want to enjoy the benefits of a productive home cooling system. You will find the EER rated units on an Energy Star Catalog, which provides adequate information on all the statistics of the unit you may be looking for. The most appealing aspect of the energy-efficient cooling units is the fact that they utilize approximately 10% less energy when compared to the Standard models in the market.

Maximizing the Energy Efficient Air Conditioner


If you think simply plugging in the new energy-efficient unit and enjoying its comfort through the summer days and then keeping it unplugged in the cool days is all it takes for the system to be self reliantly energy efficient, then you are off-track. At this rate, you might have to start running around searching for some of the best air conditioning repair services in Texas like WrightWay Comfort to rely on, for your inefficiency in carrying out regular care on your AC.

Remember, the way you utilize your AC will have a direct impact on its natural shelf-life. Here are some quick tips to make the most of your already efficient cooling system.

  • Setting the temperature to 78 degrees is an ideal thermostat setting during summers to balance the cooling costs.
  • Utilize Ceiling fans in tandem with your Air conditioning. This will help reduce the load on the AC and the fans allow faster distribution of the cool air through space.
  • Try not to generate too much heat from the use of extra appliances like lights or microwaves when not needed. Your AC will have to work to cool down the extra heating in the room.
  • In window units, ensure proper insulation by sealing off any holes or cracks that may allow the external heat to leak into the house or let the cool air from inside the house leak out.
  • If the nights are cooler, then consider using just the fans and keep windows open to encourage the circulation of cool air.
  • When not at home, program the thermostat to raise the temperature to decrease the unnecessary workload on the AC.
  • Window units require regular cleaning to keep the dust and debris from accumulating and reaching the inner components to impede proper functioning. This warrants the chances of spending more on future repairs.
  • Central Air conditioners require regular cleaning of the ducts to remove the load of overworking due to blocked or dirty ducts that may allow dust to filter through, which again has to be taken care of by the AC.

Make an active effort to hire HVAC professionals to carry out regular inspections of your cooling unit. The certified technicians will examine and identify any potential issues that may need correcting to avoid affecting the energy efficiency of the unit. You can always rely on some of the best AC repair services in Texas for when you do require quick and cost-effective servicing.

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