How to Write the Best Personal Statement for Interior Design

A personal statement is an opportunity to tell the admission committee about everything that is not required to be provided within the framework of other mandatory documents, or at least to expand this information with fascinating details and reflections. We’ve asked professional personal statement writers from service to share their insights on writing a personal statement on interior design and other related majors. Some of these tips may seem obvious, but you should make sure to follow them.

  • Writing a personal statement focus on a specific university. In any case, do not submit a general essay that would “come off” in any university. The personal statement should show the admissions office why you want to study in this university, and not somewhere else, and prove to that there is no one more suitable for them than you. Writing about interior design, focus on your insights related to this topic.
  • Do not make the entry boring and long. The admissions office checks hundreds of similar statements a day, so if your introduction is again mocked by the question asked by the examiners, then you risk immediately losing their attention. The beginning of the essay should be bright and fascinating, describe your most vivid idea on a given topic or tell a story that explains your way of thinking and character. You are writing about yourself but related to the interior design. However, you should not spend all the given space talking about your childhood insights on the issue.
  • Do not try to tell too much. The introductory personal statement is not a book or even a term paper, so it’s better to focus on one topic and back it up with good versatile arguments. Of course, the primary topic is YOU, but often colleges and universities want you to answer extra questions related to the interior design in your personal statement.
  • Your statement should not be impersonal. This work should have your unique style, handwriting, and ideas; it should stand out among hundreds of similar essays and report many interesting things about you. Don’t be afraid to be original, but at the same time make sure to follow all the instructions. You are not supposed to write a poem or sing about yourself — just write a personal statement with original content and make sure to link it to the interior design creatively.
  • Do not forget to proofread your statement before sending it to the admissions office. Several times go through the grammar, punctuation, spelling and stylistic component, and even better, let your friend or professor read your statement. Remember, you can use online proofreading services or pay an editor from a writing service to read your paper and edit it professionally. It will still be your work and your work only, but it will be freed from all those mistakes and technical omissions.
  • Do not try to be a prankster. Straining humor is unlikely to make the selection committee much fun, but even if you are 100% sure of your comedy gift, just in case, check your joke on a few people who read your essay before sending.
  • Do not impersonate yourself. Members of the admissions committee are well aware that there are no ideal students, so if you can conclude from your essay that you are a talented athlete with flawless grades in all sciences and months of volunteer work behind your back, the examiners will quickly conclude that you are describing your dreams, not reality.
  • Do not ignore the question you are asked to answer in the personal statement if any. The application form at any university contains a number of topics that you need to cover in the introductory essay. These topics are listed here far from being a smart word and not to give you a general idea of the content – the admission committee really wants to get an answer to these questions.

Interior Design
When writing a personal statement on interior design, make sure to add hints that you follow the most up-to-date developments in the field. To do so, read related newsletters and go through apps overviews.

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