Why You Should Choose Plywood For Your Cabinets

Is it time to replace your home’s cabinets? If so, you should know that plywood is fast becoming the go-to building material for home cabinets. In this article, we’ll take a look at a number of reasons why you should choose plywood for your cabinets.

What Are Plywood Cabinets?

What Are Plywood Cabinets

In short, plywood cabinets are cabinets made from modern plywood. In traditionally-built cabinets, the frame of the cabinet provides structural support. This allows for thinner and less supportive materials in the cabinet interior. While this has been some of the most popular usages in home design, there has been a modern trend for consumers to prefer frameless plywood cabinets. Plywood cabinets do require a different type of cabinet construction and more robust materials, but the results are far more pleasing. By using plywood panels, there’s no need for bracing or nailing on the sides and backs of the cabinet. The end result is a frameless cabinet box that can be hung directly to a wall stud without any cleats.

Design Versatility of Plywood Cabinets

Design Versatility of Plywood Cabinets
Of course, plywood cabinets offer more than just a versatile structure. Because of the wide variety of designs available to consumers, plywood panels can be assembled to give your interior and exterior edges, surfaces, and end panels a seamless look and quality finish. Most modern plywood comes with “consistently inconsistent” design, where traditional wood grains are exposed to add character to doors, drawers, and end panels. Most commercially available plywood is available in a variety of species, including maple, oak, hickory, birch, and cherry species.

Incorporating Curvature in Cabinetry

Incorporating Curvature in Cabinetry
Furthermore, prefinished plywood offers a key design advantage: curves. Considering that trends in modern cabinet styles have deviated from the solid, square lines and boxy cabinet construction many homes are familiar with, plywood cabinets are now being constructed for designs like bow-front cabinets and curved island cabinets. These eye-catching designs can add significant value to your home that off-the-shelf cabinets can’t.

Low Cost

Low Cost
Of course, any homeowner always asks about the bottom line. Luckily, with plywood cabinets, the cost is significantly cheaper than framed cabinets. This also accounts for the labor associated with building framed cabinetry. Instead, plywood cabinets can be custom-cut and fitted more efficiently, saving homeowners on what was once a significant cost to home renovation.

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