How to Use Natural Pest Control in Your Home

Having pests in your home can be frustrating and it is very understandable if you are scouting for ways to eradicate them. Unfortunately, using chemicals to kill pests in your home can turn out to be dangerous. While the chemicals might get rid of the pests for a little while, they can pollute your household and cause a wide range of health issues to your kids and pets.

Don’t worry though; there are natural ways that you can use to make your home pest-free.

1. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

This a natural substance derived from algae-fossilized sedimentary rocks. Diatomaceous earth has a wide range of uses in our homes and acting as an insecticide is just one of them. It works by smothering or poisoning the insects because of its affinity to absorb lipids from the exoskeleton of the insects, which ultimately dehydrates them to death.

2. Use Garlic Spray

Garlic has a pungent aroma, which is repellant to a wide range of pests. Generally, it is not very clear if garlic spray is actually an insecticide or more of an insect repellent. However, either way, this common kitchen ingredient can help you knock down and out pests in your home.

3. Grow More Pest Repellant Plants

Grow More Pest Repellent Plants

Just growing plants that have strong smells in your home can go a long way in helping you keep pests away. Plants such as lavender, sage, thyme, and rosemary are known to be amazing insect and pest repellents. So, by growing them around your home, you’ll be making natural home repellents for a number of pests.

4. Invest In Better Bugs

Another easy natural pest control method that you can adopt is investing in good insects such as ladybirds that actually feed on the harmful ones. Birds can also help control insects. Consider planting nectar-rich flowers that can attract birds and other good bugs. Additionally, invest in bird feeders and consider mulching your garden to let nature take care of your pest issues.

5. Pick Them Manually

Do regular walk-through around your home to get rid of any bugs that you notice. Clean off their eggs as well.

6. Plant a Diversion

Take note of what the pests around your home prefer to eat. If they are certain plants, consider planting them away from your home or the garden you want to protect.

7. Mix Your Plants And Crops

Mix Your Plants And Crops

Opt for plants, flower and veggies that are resistant to pests such as insects and fungi. What’s more, consider planting different plants—instead of just one variety of plant or vegetable—to prevent any one type of pest or plant disease from multiplying.


Although there are several natural ways that you can leverage to get rid of pests around your home, the above-highlighted methods should give you a good starting point for figuring out your own natural pest control versions. If all the options fail, you can still maintain a safe and healthy home by hiring a pest eradication or control professional whenever necessary.

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