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Bedroom Designs

How to Update Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one room in the house that you more than likely don’t spend as much time in as you would like to. It is the room that is your private sanctuary from the demands of a busy schedule, but because it is private, it is also typically the last room in the house that you update. Here are 4 ideas to inspire you to make your bedroom into the luxurious haven you deserve.


Bedroom Headboard

Headboards are the unsung heroes of bedroom interior design. A well-chosen headboard can transform the look of the room in an instant. To add an instant touch of luxury and glamor, select a headboard that is larger than you instinctively choose first. Depending on your personal preferences and design ideas, there are padded headboards for more traditional rooms or sleek minimalist designs that can complement a minimalist interior. Your choice of fabric can transform your room and update it instantly.


Bedroom Curtains
Curtains are more than just screens from the outside world. They give you the opportunity to add color and interest to your room and create a sense of luxury. The fabric you choose can be more delicate than the choices you have made for the rest of the house, although do consider that to get optimum sleep, they will need to be lined to keep the daylight from interrupting your slumber. To give height and a luxurious feel to your room, and to block out daylight more successfully, hang your curtains from near the ceiling and have them falling to the floor. If you prefer blinds for your bedroom, add sheer drapes to dress the window – this will soften the lines of the blinds.


Bedroom Lighting
The lighting in your bedroom needs to be addressed. You will not want the harshness of the main light to be your only option; instead, you will want a bedside lamp or beautifully crafted pendant lighting to create an idealistic atmosphere. Place matching modern bedroom lighting on bedside tables either side of your bed to provide balance to your room; it will enable you to envelop the room in a warm, soft light that exudes a sense of relaxation.


Bedroom Accessories
The accessories that you have in your bedroom should be selected for their feel-good factor. Whether you have souvenirs and trinkets from the travels that evoke positive emotions from you, or perhaps sentimental items that make you smile, the accessories that you choose should make you smile. These are things that you will see when you first wake up and seeing something that makes you respond in a good way is the ideal way to start the day. Select some photographs of your friends and family that take you back to happy times. Display your framed photographs in a gallery style to add interest to your walls. Remember though, that your bedroom needs to instilltranquility, so not every wall needs to be filled otherwise it will become too busy!

Finish updating your bedroom’s décor by buying new bed linen to complement your interiors scheme. You will need two sets: one to wash and one to wear. By following the guide above, your bedroom will now be transformed, and be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy!

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