How to Turn your kid’s Bedroom into Hogwarts’s School?

Harry Potter is among the most popular movie franchises for a good reason. Kids who’ve grown up with the legendary wizard still love it and are raising their own kids on the same movie series, which is just a testament to HP’s timelessness.

Given that the Harry Potter universe is as magical and flamboyant as it can be, many children want to be as close to it as possible; a good way to help them with this matter is to transform their bedroom with Hogwarts-inspired art. Today we’ll talk about a few creative ideas on this matter, so without any further ado, let’s start with:

Hogwarts-themed bedding

Since beds occupy a good portion of the bedroom, you may want to start off easy by replacing your child’s old bedding with Hogwarts-themed models. Try to figure out which School of Magic your kid likes the best, and search for bedding with similar graphics.

Neutral alternatives are also viable if your child tends to like all schools equally; bedding with the Hogwarts Castle graphic complemented with wands, keys, and spell flashes may be a good idea in this particular case. Matching bedding for the bed and pillows is the perfect combination, although if you can’t find any that would suit the room’s aesthetic, try to keep them in similar colors.

Magical rugs and carpets

Carpets typically occupy the space right next to the bed, so since you’ve just revamped the bedding, you may want to continue along the same lines with a Harry Potter-inspired rug.

You may find such an item from a different vendor from the one that sold you the bedding, so the graphics and colors may be slightly different. Even so, it will certainly be better than a plain-white carpet that can’t be connected to the Hogwarts Universe in any way.

Repaint the walls

Although it may cost a bit, repainting the bedroom walls in Hogwarts-themed colors is one of the best ways to make it worthy of a young wizard. The dominant colors in the franchise are black and blue while red is typically associated with Gryffindor, which is the most popular school of magic due to the fact that the magical trio belongs there.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, you could hire a professional to paint the actual Hogwarts graphic – or at least a few of its towers under a waxing moon. This is one of the more expensive options, but it will give the room a brand-new aesthetic.

Hogwarts Posters and Wall Art

Another easy and inexpensive way to spice the bedroom up with some Hogwarts magic is to hang Harry Potter-inspired wall art and posters. Posters are usually cheaper than wall art, although they can leave behind quite a mess if you use thin duct tape to affix them to the walls.

Consider hanging the posters after you’ve repainted the walls; you can hang wall art whenever you want, but you may need to drill a few holes to do so.

Harry Potter Bookshelf

Given that all Potterheads love the books at least as much as the movies, having an HP-themed bookshelf should be the next item on your list.

Given that there are only seven books, they could be arranged on a single row, although it would be smart to split them in two, placing Harry Potter-inspired toys or figurines between them. If your budget allows it, you could also add several toys on the shelf, preferably the ones that are related to the books they are supporting.

A simple, yet very creative idea would be to place a wooden owl figurine on top, as a semblance to Harry’s pet owl Hedwig.

Organize Hogwarts Figurines on furniture

Harry Potter and Hogwarts toys are widely available across the globe in various shapes and forms. HP-inspired figurines are among the cheaper ones, and they typically come in packages of 10-12 pieces, allowing you to decorate multiple pieces of furniture with them.

Furthermore, an even better idea would be to leave the decoration part to your child; simply provide a few packages of differently designed figurines, and let the youngster organize them. Cake and pencil toppers are small and inexpensive, but they’re perfect for decorating bookshelves.

bedroom into Hogwarts’s School2

Hang the Sorting Hat on a chair

Many families prepare for the HP marathon by taking the Harry Potter House Quiz, checking if everyone still belongs to the house the ‘Sorting Hat’ originally put them in. Ever since the Hat was fashioned into a toy, the quiz started making even more sense.

However, you’ll only wear the hat for a couple of minutes until the quiz is through, after which you’ll grab some snacks and play Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – given that the hat did its part, it can now enrich your child’s bedroom.

It would be a waste to hang it on the door hangers, as it will usually be out of sight. Add a chair to your child’s bedroom, and hang the Sorting Hat there; this way, it will be on display, waiting to assert your child’s friends into one of the four schools of magic.

The Golden Snitch Lamp

The infamous Golden Snitch is synonymous with the fabled Wizard Sport – Quidditch. It’s almost a guaranteed win for the seeker who claims it first, and Harry did so seven times in the books.

Although Golden Snitch toys are too small to be considered a major improvement to your child’s Hogwarts bedroom, a wall lamp might do the trick. Golden Snitch-inspired lamps are widely available in various shapes and forms – wall lamps, table lamps, and standing lamps are among the most popular ones.

Harry Potter’s Wand on the bed stand

Children believe magic is real, to the point where they’ll feel more confident fighting monsters under their beds if they have a weapon by their bedside. Harry Potter wands are among the most affordable Hogwarts-themed toys, and they’re an essential tool in the arsenal of every aspiring witch or wizard.

We hope that this rundown was useful to you and that you have learned something new today on how to turn your kid’s bedroom into Hogwarts’s School. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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