How To Transform Your Backyard Into An Amazing Oasis


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Everyone loves spending time outside to relax, enjoy the fresh air, and spend quality time with friends and family during summer. Therefore, it makes sense to transform your backyard into a great oasis with a welcoming atmosphere and a vibe you desire. Achieving this isn’t as difficult as you think; making small additions and enhancements in your backyard can actually make this happen.

If you’re unsure where to start, the following ways can help you get started:

Install A Pergola

Transforming your backyard into a cool and functional area can be overwhelming, especially if there are no trees to provide shade. Fortunately, it’s easy to design a pergola that provides shade, comfort, and style, all at the same time.

Many people use the terms gazebo and pergola interchangeably, but these two are different. A gazebo is a free-standing structure with a roof and open sides, while a pergola consists of parallel columns holding up an open roof. If you don’t have the relevant skills to install a pergola, consider consulting experts from Hardie Boys or any reputable company for help.

Pergolas can be made from wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Your material choice will depend on the cost, durability, style, and maintenance requirements you prefer.

Wood pergolas are cheaper and easy to install, but are highly susceptible to rot and mold. For this reason, they should be frequently treated to prevent these drawbacks and increase longevity.

Unlike wood, vinyl pergolas are durable and have minimal maintenance requirements. They’re cheaper than aluminum pergolas and are available in different colors.

Aluminum pergolas are the most durable and need little-to-no maintenance. They have a wide color range compared to vinyl pergolas, meaning they can be designed to match numerous types of outdoor décor. You may want to visit sites such as to help you choose the right material for your needs.  

Design A Water Feature 

Nothing elevates the look of your backyard like a view of a water feature. Water features help reduce noise pollution, increase visual appeal, attract wildlife, and improve air quality. Contrary to popular opinion, water features are easy and cheap to maintain.

There are different types of water features you can put up, including pot fountains, pondless water features, ponds, and water weirs.

Pot fountains are small, portable, and cost-effective water features that improve the look of your backyard without taking up much space.

Pondless water features are artificial rivers that are set at an elevated angle. The water runs from the high point downwards, where it’s stored underground before being pumped back to the top. 

Ponds are artificial water bodies consisting of plants and aquatic animals, like fish. However, they’re bound to attract unwanted wildlife, like raccoons and mosquitos.

Water weirs are modern, low-maintenance mini waterfalls that can be installed with or without a pond. They’re pretty expensive and often experience water loss; thus, they need to be topped up frequently.   

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Make Your Backyard Private

What differentiates a normal backyard from an amazing oasis is privacy. An oasis should be private, away from the rest of the neighborhood. There are many reasons to make this part of your property private, including avoiding unsightly views, hiding your hot tub or pool from plain sight, getting shade and sun protection, and concealing your AC units.

But, how can you make your oasis or yard private?

Firstly, you can install a privacy fence or railing, especially if you live in a populated urban area. Fences provide privacy, improve aesthetics, and even add to your property’s value. You can also plant tall trees, like cedars, for natural privacy and greenery. Concealing your oasis with opaque curtains is also a fantastic way to add privacy; hang the curtains along your patios or pergola.

Hang String LED Lights 

Hanging outdoor string lights is a simple and cheaper way to transform the dull look of your backyard into something stylish. Furthermore, string lights add a taste of luxury, and romance, and create a conducive entertainment space even after sunset.

Regardless of your backyard size, there’s always a string light style that’ll suit your backyard. LED lights are the most preferred because of their durability and energy efficiency. Although they have a high upfront cost, they’re worth it as they lower your energy bills and save you the hassle of regular bulb replacements.

How you install your string lights and the time it takes to do that will depend on your backyard setup and the number of lights you’re installing. It’s important to remember that before purchasing any, it’s best to first measure your backyard to determine the length and number of lights required to illuminate the whole area. And, before you proceed with the installation, ensure to check the guide as instructions vary from one manufacturer to another.


Regardless of how you intend to use your backyard, there are various ways you can completely transform it into an amazing oasis. You don’t have to break your bank to achieve it. Simple enhancements, like the ones listed above, can already do wonders for your backyard.

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