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Getting New Locks For Your Home: 4 Things To Consider

Imagine your doors without locks. Maybe they would still function aesthetically, but you can be sure that your security would be compromised. Your house is only as secure as the presence of locks on your doors and windows as well as their quality. However, these locks wear out no matter how strong they are and they will require a replacement. Aside from wearing out, you may see the need to update the lock system of your doors and windows. Getting new locks for your home goes beyond picking up any shiny lock you come across in the market. Continue reading this article to know the important things to consider.

Consider The Kind Of Lock You Need

Locks come in different sizes and work with various mechanisms. There’s no one way for locks to be designed. Each format and mechanism works to suit peculiar needs. This is why you need to ascertain the type of locks you need for your home. There are various options you can pick from. This includes doorknobs, deadbolts, smart locks, door levers, handle sets, etc. You can visit https://locksmithplusinc.com/seattle-wa/ or other similar sites to get a professional locksmith to install the best security services for your home.

Determine where you need the lock. Is it in the exterior or the interior? As much as all door locks are functional in all areas, some are best suited for specific locations. Some locks may not be able to scale through harsh weather conditions. Hence, they would be better off inside the house. For instance, it’s often better to use a door lever lock for interior locks because they may not be able to withstand high external pressures. However, deadbolt locks will perform excellently on exterior doors as they are strong and offer a high level of security against burglars. Smart locks offer a high level of flexibility. They are modern with a high level of technology. With them, you’d be able to transfer keys with a smartphone.

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Consider The Security Grade Of The Lock

Don’t be surprised that door locks come in security grades. This is an important factor every homeowner should know and put into consideration when getting new locks. Security gradings are gotten when manufacturers test their locks, and a rating is given based on various metrics. The testing is done by credible associations like Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) or other qualified associations in your country. These metrics include the strength, durability, and level of security the locks can offer. 

With security gradings, you’ll be able to estimate how long take locks will take before wearing out and also the amount of pressure they can withstand. Hence, they reflect the quality of materials used in manufacturing them. Therefore, the security grading of the lock you intend to buy should be checked. You can then decide if it meets up to the standard of security you want.

Consider The Features Of The Locks

As stated earlier, locks can be very versatile in their functions. Various features could come with locks, and it’s important to know what they’re capable of before you purchase them. These features include anti-tamper technology, smart lock technology, anti-bump features, anti-pick, and anti-drill features. They could also come with locksets or keypads. These features help to add additional security to your doors and windows. There’s no limit to what can be achieved with locks, and you should know what your locks can do well. 

They could also come in different shapes and sizes. Some smart locks have remote access where you can control the locks from any part of your home. However, be careful with smart locks and ensure that you have other smart technologies that are compatible with them. Therefore, choose locks with features that suit your needs.

Consider The Installation Process

Not all locks can be installed casually without technical know-how. This can be a determining factor as to whether you’d be getting the lock or not. Some locks require the services of a professional locksmith to install them. Meanwhile, some others can be installed by yourself. 

That’s not all. Some installation processes might have special requirements that you should be aware of. Some will require you to change other hardware you previously have before they can function properly. This is definitely worthy of being informed beforehand. You should be able to hire a professional locksmith if the locks you’re getting require one. 

However, suppose you meet a lock with a technical installation process. In that case, it shouldn’t deter you from buying it if it’s high in quality and has useful features.


Having strong and appealing doors and windows in your home isn’t enough. Locks are important features in ensuring the security of your family and properties. Getting new locks shouldn’t be taken casually. All the factors mentioned above are worthy of consideration when getting a new lock for your home.

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