How to Tell if You Need a Furnace Repair or a Furnace Replacement

There is no realistic way to tell when you need to get a furnace replacement or whether a furnace repair will do. To make your decision, consider the facts in front of you and the overall performance of your furnace. Here are some of the things every homeowner in Crystal Lake should think about to help decide whether furnace replacement or a repair is best.

Age of Your Furnace

The average service expectancy of a gas furnace is between 15 to 20 years. But that time frame can be extended with the proper maintenance habits and by limiting the use of the furnace when not necessary. If you are having problems with your furnace and it has reached this age range, it may be best to go with a furnace replacement.

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Efficiency Drop-Off

While it’s not unusual for a furnace to continue functioning beyond 15 to 20 years, when that time comes, you should determine if it’s operating at the efficiency level that you need. Since your last furnace replacement, heating technology has advanced to offer furnace units that are far more efficient than yesterday’s models. As the years go by, you may be calling for HVAC service more often.

Are You Comfortable?

Consider whether your existing furnace is performing well enough to keep your home comfortable. If not, then it is not serving its primary purpose. If you have difficulty keeping your home warm in the winter, then your furnace is working harder than it should and is likely to fail soon. A furnace inspection will be able to tell you what’s happening so you can make the right choice.  

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A furnace repair will be less costly than a furnace replacement in your Crystal Lake home. So whenever possible, it is better to opt for the repair to stay within your means. That will give you some time to save for the furnace replacement later. But that’s not always possible, as your furnace repair may only last so long, and if the cost of repairs is excessive, you might want to think about just going for the replacement. HVAC contractors at Tem Control can help you decide with expert advice.

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