How to Stop Wasps From Coming Back Into Your Home?


How to Stop Wasps From Coming Back Into Your Home 1

Wasps are stinging insects that are known for their aggressive nature. They are often confused with bees because of their behavior, but wasps are actually different from bees. Nonetheless, wasps are as annoying as bees and can be much more annoying than them for many homeowners in Saltlake. Therefore, if you have had wasp infestations in your Saltake home before, you first get rid of them on your own or hire pest control for wasp removal. But after effectively getting rid of them, what steps can you take to prevent wasps from returning, making sure you can have a stress-free life in Saltlake?

Remove standing water

Standing or stagnant water attracts many pests, including wasps. Wasps need water to survive and build their nest. A queen wasp needs water to build their nest, and a mud wasp is attracted to water because of its moisture. Moist areas are usually where they find the necessary things, like mud, to build their nest. Therefore, remove any water sources like birdbaths outside your home. 

Remove food sources

Wasp food is essential for wasps to survive, and they are attracted to many foods found in your home. Wasps are known to eat nectar, fruit, honey, plants, meat, and wood. Additionally, wasps can also eat insects, making them natural predators of spiders, praying mantes, dragonflies, birds, and bats. So to avoid wasps from returning, properly store foods that attract them to wherein they cannot get access. Additionally, get rid of other pests that wasps eat to avoid attracting wasps. Moreover, cover your garbage bins because leftover foods that are thrown can attract wasps as well, and wasps love the smell of garbage. 

How to Stop Wasps From Coming Back Into Your Home 3

Keep entryways sealed

As mentioned above, wasps are attracted to foods on your property. However, even though they are attracted to the foods inside your property, they will go to another place if they cannot find a way to enter. Therefore, seal all crevices and holes with caulk to prevent wasps from entering. 

Wasps-repelling plants

Plants are not only great decorations in your Saltlake home, but they can serve as repellants for pests like wasps. Below are wasps-repelling plants that you can plant on your property. 

  • Cucumber – The bitterness of the acidic cucumber peels repels wasps.
  • Basil – The strong fragrance of basil puts off wasps.
  • Wormwood – This pungent-smelling plant alerts wasps of potential dangers. 
  • Eucalyptus – This plant has a fragrance that deters wasps. That’s why eucalyptus essential oils are recommended to avoid wasps. 
  • Citronella – Like eucalyptus, citronella plant or essential oils have a pervasive smell that may seem offensive to wasps. 
  • Pennyroyal – This plant has a similar scent to mint that wasps are not a fan of. 

Stop Using Perfumes

Wasps have an extreme sense of smell. They are attracted to sweet smells, sugar, or strong scents, especially during summer. That’s why they are drawn to flowers and fruit-bearing trees. Not all perfumes attract wasps, only those that smell sweet or like fruit will attract them. So stop using perfumes that smell like fruit or have a sweet scent. Additionally, clothes with florals printed on them can also attract wasps. 

Use Fake Wasp Nest

A fake wasp nest is created using a paper bag and a rubber band. You must blow up the paper bug, secure it with a rubber band, and cut a small hole as an entranceway. Most wasps are solitary, meaning they prefer living alone. That’s why if they see another nest, they will avoid it and go find another place to nest in. 

Wasp Nest Removal

Nests are the source of your wasps’ problems. Once they find your property an ideal location to live in, they will build their nest as their home. If you have wasps in your area, locate the nest immediately to get rid of them before it becomes big. Check secluded areas or trees around your property and perform wasp nest removal. Slowly approach the wasp nest with a plastic bag and slowly cover them. Then, detach the wasp nest to which it is attached or connected. Depose the wasp nest as far away from your property as possible. 

How to Stop Wasps From Coming Back Into Your Home 2

Pest Control

Salt lake pest control companies will know the best ways to prevent wasps from returning. Not only can they eliminate your wasp infestations once again, but they can also give you tips and advice on avoiding attracting more wasps in the future.

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