The 5 Major Characteristics of Aluminum Sheets


Aluminum Sheets 1

The fact that aluminum is used extensively across a wide range of industries and applications is a testament to its versatility and unique properties.

Every aluminum sheet offers a number of attractive and useful properties. It has a high level of thermal conductivity, is very resistant to corrosion, and is one of the most malleable metals around.

Here is a look at the major characteristics of aluminum. When you get to see what this lightweight metal has to offer you can quickly see why it is so universally popular and the default choice for numerous applications.

Its highly reflective coating has many uses

Aluminum forms a highly reflective coating when it is evaporated in a vacuum. This makes it excellent for either light or heat applications.

Unlike a silver coating, coated aluminum does not deteriorate anywhere near the same amount. That is a primary reason why aluminum coatings are used extensively in a variety of manufacturing options.

You will find that aluminum coatings are used to make decorative paper, packaging, and even telescope mirrors.

Aluminum Sheets 2

Excellent conductive properties

Aluminum is renowned for its electrical conduction properties. In fact, it is superior to copper for a number of key reasons.

Aluminum is regularly used for electrical transmission lines, for instance. The reason why it is the default solution is down to the fact that aluminum is less expensive than copper. Plus, it is actually a better conductor than copper.

Easy to work with

Another strong characteristic of aluminum is that it is highly ductile

That means that you are able to form aluminum sheets into almost any shape you want as part of your manufacturing process. Not only is it highly ductile but it is also very versatile in terms of being able to undergo a selection of different treatments.

Natural resistance to corrosion

One of the most important features of aluminum that helps make it so popular is its resistance to corrosion.

It is a material that has the ability to naturally create what is known as a passivation layer. This allows the material to repair itself naturally by spontaneously forming an impermeable layer of aluminum oxide.

Even allowing for the fact that it has such a high level of natural resistance to corrosion you can even improve this characteristic with the use of special coatings.

Fully recyclable

The bottom line is that aluminum ticks all the right boxes when it comes to having impressive green credentials. This is because it is a material that is fully recyclable.

Even better, aluminum can actually be recycled indefinitely without any degradation of its original properties.

It actually takes almost 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than it does to produce it in the first place. That makes it an environmentally-friendly manufacturing solution and ensures that aluminum stands out as one of the most sustainable metals around.

These major characteristics all combine to ensure that aluminum is a prime contender for providing a manufacturing or application solution that is cost-effective and sustainable from an environmental perspective.

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