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How To Stop Noise Coming Through Walls

Noise. Noise can be a considerable nuisance for anyone living in shared housing, an apartment building, or a busy street. Many people find it hard to focus or sleep when there is noise, which begs the question; how can you stop noise from coming through walls in your home?

If you have noisy neighbors or live next to a busy street, you might be unable to stop the noise outside. But you sure can reduce the noise that gets into your house. How? Read through.

How To Reduce Noise Through Walls

One primary source that noise gets in through is your walls. Designers and contractors these days are concerned with cutting costs, hence, your paper-thin wall.

Stop Noise Coming Through Walls 1

The following tips can help reduce the noise that gets into your home from outside.

During construction or renovation 

If you are a contractor, building your own house, or simply renovating a building, and you have thought about reducing noise that can come in through the walls, these steps can help.

  • Noise-reducing drywall. This method uses dual layers of components designed to absorb sound that would have otherwise been transmitted from one room to another. Make sure to contact a professional to know which brand is best.
  • Layer them up. If there are walls that fit into your building plan, layering would be your best option. You can add a layer of drywall to the existing wall to increase the STC rating.
  • Insulation. With the proper insulation added to the interior walls, you can significantly reduce the vibrations that cause unwanted noise to pass through a wall.
  • Soundproof tiles or panels. While this method might not be suitable for living spaces, it makes sense for use in conference rooms or commercial offices.
  • Doors. The doors usually take the fall in most hotels and shared apartments. In this case, it might not be the door exactly but the gaps between the door and the door frame. Get a good door sweep to cover up for unwanted gaps if you’re in this position.

Alternative to construction

Completely tearing down and rebuilding is expensive. Here are some alternatives that homeowners can use to reduce the noise from walls.

  • Soundproof paint. Yes, this is an innovative approach to noise reduction that is starting to make waves in the industry. It is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and fire and mold-resistant, as well as achieving a high level of noise reduction. 
  • Sealing. It is important that you understand the room layout and determine the noise source. When you have discovered the weak point, you can seal it with acoustic caulk. This method would work best if combined with insulation or drywall.
  • Soundproof the room interior: You can alternatively install drywalls and add foam pads to the inside of the room walls to reduce the impact of noise from outside.

Stop Noise Coming Through Walls 2

Facing the Fact

Lightweight construction, cost-cutting, and multi-unit housing have made living and office spaces noisier than ever. Thanks to acoustic engineers, you can now reduce noise from walls from 0-100.

It is crucial to obtain help from trained professionals to help you choose the best soundproof option for your home or office, and this would save you the time and money it would cost to try different alternatives unsuitable to your building.

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